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  • Nocturna

    hi guys.
    that's my last work, Nocturna from... well... Nocturna Models.

    The mini will be in a night scene, flooded with moonlight. That's why it is nearly monochrome. Actually, it is not, there is a fleshtone in the skin and the rose has a rich red in.
    It's not finished. I'm quite satisfied with the light on the dress, but the shadows are not as deep as I'd like them and should be. Advices are welcome. :)

    The scene will be round, CD size, featuring a small hill with a tree and a road, flooded in moonlight. There may be also a horse in the scene, if I find one that fits. I have no pic of it, but will came later.

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    Great work on the dress, wonderful placement of some really smooth highlights/shading. Looking forward to the finished piece!
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