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Painting Puppet Wars

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  • Painting Puppet Wars

    Hi All.

    I picked up Puppet Wars the other week, I liked the style and it looked like it might be fun.

    Assembling the puppets was a bit of a pain here and there, but as of last weekend the puppets are prepped and primed:


    (crap photo, but that doesn't really matter).

    Primed using a new airbrush and vellejo primer, which was really nice. I'll be playing around with that some more.

    Now for my goal - to get all 44 of the puppets painted and playable sooner rather than later so we can have a game or two over the hols.

    My vital stats:

    Miniatures painted so far this year: 0
    Miniatures painted last year: 2 or 3
    Miniatures painted in the last 10 years: possibly less than 44

    So it's not looking promising, but I'll give it a go. Add to that the fact that I don't normally paint for playing with and my challenge is all set.

    Lets see how I get on...
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