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  • Arkreaper's WIP

    Finally getting round to starting this WIP after afew miss starts on sorting it.

    I dont expect anything i do to be much more than high TT standard tho i may surprise myself .
    You'll find its rare for me to ever have just 1 project going at a time so i can swap about depending how i feel. right now on the table theres a Sister of battle exorcist and repressor, a space marine on a quad aswell as a space marine dino rider

    firstly heres the workspace/comp desk
    can be abit of an issue not diving into any of the games/dvd's etc and painting but then having only just moved them here from been stored for years at parents its never gonna pick up quick

    heres the slow progress on the exorcist so far
    the metal base was warped to hell so alot of chopping and filling was needed to make the damn thing fit

    The painting up is going very slowly as i'm finding even after washing and priming the paints rubbing off in places so trying to do small areas at once now then ardcoat it and move to next bit.

    Next a quick shot of each the others
    The repressor after priming the symbol areas in white masking them and completeing the prim in black

    The dino rider and quad both of which i picked up from ebay many years ago.

    And to end a quick snap at some of the model mountain i've got to go through (theres still more at parents aswell as some kickstarter stuff and afew bits from the wamp store not in there).

    Although i'm not sure if i can bring myself to open one of the boxes and paint them even tho i really want to as i kinda want to keep it unopened aswell.

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    I'm not in 40k, so I have to ask: what is this organ-pipes-looking thing on the tank?


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      Originally posted by Shaved Dwarf View Post
      I'm not in 40k, so I have to ask: what is this organ-pipes-looking thing on the tank?
      Organ Pipes I think!
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        Originally posted by Shaved Dwarf View Post
        I'm not in 40k, so I have to ask: what is this organ-pipes-looking thing on the tank?
        they are dual use organ pipes that play music but they can also launch misslies

        the forgeworld version just has missile launchers


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          They are indeed organ pipes like a mobile church, what its missing is a trailor full of choir boys towed behind it lol Personally I think the whole model blows!! GW just struck out with that one!! they may as well have done a pope mobile!! I think doing Religion should have had longer in development, I get the whole grey knights and sisters of Battle thing as the Church always had its own army! and I love the Inquisitor thing like back in the Witch hunts but the Organ thing just makes it looks silly!! I think a Pulpit with an inquisition emblem would have looked better than huge Organ pipes!! ( Can ya guess I dont like the model lol)


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            found i've not had the motivation to paint. believe its down to a line of vehicles rather than characters

            so finally got sick of looking at that damn exorcist and boxed it up till i feel like doing more at it
            did the same with the quad and the dino rider since i cant decide on the scheme for either of them

            after doing that i've managed to get a little bit on the repressor doors done


            beginning to wish i'd painted the mid black then highlighted the text but originally wanted it all gold on that bit

            then i've started work on the 2 female Predastore predators i got from the Wamp store
            only so far as cleaning up, washing and priming with some vallejo surface primer for a change



            now to find some suitable colours and buy them since i've way too few


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              emblem looks decent. Loking forward to seeing those preds painted. Man are they popular!
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                well after along line of disasters the preds are in the vat been stripped in a very mild mix after the paint went odd.

                so back into it with the Hephaestus

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                  Ah, Scale Color Gold, that was my plan for Heph as well :) Though currently he is sat waiting to be built while I play with Knight Models stuff
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                    yeah its a damn nice paint shame i'm considering messing it up not wanting a pure untouched golden armour. Will have to see what i manage on the test bit i'm gonna do on the half rhino door first


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                      There's no shame about it - the paint is just there to facilitate what your mind has already seen and planned out. If that is in pure untouched gold or beaten up and mouldy with only flakes of gold coming through it's completely up to you. Dare to be different :)
                      The Chilling Network - home of #nonstopwargaming :)