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  • Brambleten Attempts to Paint

    Welcome to my WIP thread. The contents of which will vary, but will mostly track my attempts to put paint onto various metal, plastic and resin figures in a 28mm scale. Anything completed will probably only come to a tabletop standard at best, but as a gamer at heart, that is good enough for me. My attention span is short at best, so I tend to have multiple projects on the go at the same time (my attention span is so short it took me 4 or 5 goes to get everything into notepad for this post).

    I like inks and washes as they hide a multitude of sins and sloppy painting skills. I recently got some Games and Gears double ended brushes so hopefully they will help me slightly.

    The painting space, complete with distractions

    Some models that I have done previously - (haven't completed anything in about a year, only picked up my brushes again in June, and some of these are a lot older than that.)

    Lord of the Rings Wood Elf Captain

    40k - C'Tan - Probably more work to be done on this, but he sits on top of my tv unit as he is.

    Malifaux - Taelor - Basing is required.

    40k - Dusk Raiders Scouts - The Dusk Raiders are an "Off-white" and I took that to be a light creamy white, but decided that scouts might be a bit darker so gave everything a drowning in devlan mud.

    40k - Guard Sentinel - A slightly dress guard style colouring, with everything being a medium to dark red with space wolf/fenris grey trim

    Fantasy - High Elf Noble with Standard - Again to show army colours, this is a red with white, rather than the standard elfy white with whatever. Painted back in 07 (I think) with the plastic noble release.

    Fantasy - High Elf Swordmaster - the only member of a 35 man unit to be finished, more on the way

    40k - Soul Drinkers Vanguard Veterans - After a lot of misfires with marines I settled on Soul Drinkers (An Imperial Fists sucessor chapter, the focus of the books by Ben Counter) and took them in a slightly different direction, along with going for a metallic armour style. The guy second from right is Tellos, he got his hands lopped off early on in the books and replaced them with swords.

    40k - Imperial Guard Officer

    40k - Deathwatch style Sternguard Squad - To play with different metallic styles I decided to have a sternguard squad made of Deathwatch guys. However, there are still 8 left to build

    40k - Metallic Marines - A WIP Soul Drinker Librarian and a Salamander who is part of the vanguard unit. These were really done just to play with different washes to see how they turned out. The Sally is probably my favourite of the non Soul Drinker styles which I might be tempted to pursue in the future.

    40k - Metallic Marines - An Impieral Fist (this time yellow ink instead of wash) and a Blood Angel that didn't quite work out so well. He might work better with Carroburg Crimson now, rather than the Baal red that was used at the time

    40k - Grey Knights Vindicare Assassin - My 1500 point GK list is based around the Grey Knight series by Ben Counter, and from memory, this is the only figure that doesn't actually come from the book (the rest are (I think) Inquisitor, retinue of Death Cult Assasins, 2 standard squads, a squad of Paladins and a heavy squad)

    Lord of the Rings - Ringwraiths - I use them as Wraiths for my Vampire Counts (Or I did when I used them, still havent picked up their new book).

    Fantasy - Vampire Counts Wraiths - Done about a year before I did the Ringwraiths, I doubt I could work up the colour of the cloaks again due to there being so many different inks and washes in different amounts of layers on them.

    Fantasy - Daemonette - A single daemonette, me and a couple of mates picked up the final pack we could find of the metal ones before they changed to plastic and took one each.

    List of things to do


    High Elf Army (3000pt army planned, probably closer to 6000pts)
    Vampire Counts Army (unknown, was 2000 under 7th ed)
    Lizardmen Army (unknown, was 2-3000 before 7th ed)
    IoB Skaven (Haven't the foggiest)


    Soul Drinkers/Imperial Fists (Havent a clue of points total, have managed to clock it in at 10k a couple of times but that always seems to change as other units are requisitioned for different projects)
    Dusk Raiders (Pre-primarch Death Guard) (Early stages, no points total yet)
    Imperial Guard (1500pts + Baneblade)
    Grey Knights (1500pts)


    Malifaux - The Viktorias
    The Hobbit - Escape from Goblin Town box set
    Assorted other GW stuff
    Hansa from DSC (Gates of Antares) and Warlord Games
    From Hasslefree - A Strumpet, a Barwench, Witch Hazel, Morgan, Maria, Liralith and Imogen without wings.

    Coming soon
    Empire Of the Dead - Requiem - Westwind
    Mantic - Loka

    Hopefully some actual current WIPs will follow, but I figured that this would be a good start in showing what I have done before, but not necessarily where I am at the moment. I've just graduated from University so haven't really been close to finishing a model for the past year or so.

    Side note - My pictures are taken with my phone's 8mp camera, since my last one died of natural causes some time ago. Since I haven't been painting much it hasn't been a problem, but now I'm taking pictures again, a camera is something I am looking for. So for now, apologies for poor pictures :)
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    I just bought a C'tan, I fancy converting it. I have seen some amazing conversions of it around and fancied a go. No idea how yet but it will come. You have painted loads but I think I like the wraiths most so far.
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      This promises to be an awesome WIP thread, especially if you can maintain this kind of volume! Looking forward to seeing more, especially the LotR models and Warhammer Fantasy models.
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        Cheers guys. The C'Tan is the only kit that I was tempted to get when finecast was released, any others are army related. I've seen a few Slaanesh demon prince style conversions when he was in metal but nothing recently.

        Volume wise, these are a smattering of the things painted over the past 6 or so years. Normally I don't get past halfway on a model before moving to another, which is something I am trying to change.

        Currently on the go are a small chunk of my Phoenix Guard (12 of 25), Gandalf and the Goblin King's throne, although last night was filled with mold line removal from Hansa and the Hasslefree bunch.
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          Since it was a nice day today (makes a change in Cumbria, usually summer everywhere means clouds and rain) I got the last of my Elf Cavalry primed. This means that I have a bundle of fun that now looks like this

          I hate painting Horses, just as much as I hate painting faces and big tanks. 16 Silver Helms, 15 Reavers, a Mage and a Noble.

          Time for a batch painting nightmare.
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            Broke out the Silver Helms horses last night with Django and got a basecoat and wash onto them.

            Started working on some of the silver tonight during the Denmark - France game with the assistance of my minion/assistant/attention seeking distraction.
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              Yay, army painting!

              I've started painting the bases at about that point, so that I get it out of the way and so I don't dread it as an afterthought and a chore, at the end of the project when all the fun stuff is over.
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                I haven't quite decided on how the bases will look, I've got some done but I might change them.

                Silver applied to horses

                and brown applied to other horses

                next step is ink in the metals.
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                  Another couple of stages done on the Silver Helms. Need to tidy up the horses themselves, highlight metals and saddles and base them.

                  If these get done before the 10th, I've promised myself a dinosaur from the new Lizardmen range.
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                    Got my last stuff from the Games & Gears brushes Kickstarter today. After fumbling around a bit, I now have one samurai sword style brush stand.

                    also got some brush soap and a towel.

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                      thats a nice set, would be interested to hear how the brushes perform
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                        yeah me too!! considered backing the KS but didnt in the end so would be cool to get a review as there are quite a variety of brush types in the set!!


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                          Ok, so a review of a sort.

                          Games & Gears Pro Studio Brushes Kickstarter

                          I went in initially for a single set (15) but before the end had doubled that, and added an additional 12 for a brush stand.

                          A single brush set contains a single brush in each of these sizes - 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3LX, 4RX.

                          I also received a single PSS1 and a PSS2, which are smaller and designed for wet blending.

                          In addition, I received a 28cm square brush cleaning towel (which, to those uninitiated in terms of painting, may confuse with a flannel or face cloth) and a 40g block of brush soap for free. The brush stand, as posted previously, holds 7 of the double ended brushes, enough for a standard set of 7.

                          I am no expert when it comes to brushes, having been using this little lot for the past few years.

                          However, here is a point comparison between an unused fine detail brush from GW and a size 0 and 00 that have been in use for the past couple of weeks

                          Previously I would use a detail brush and a standard brush for most work but with these lot, not knowing what size was which, I've started using what felt right and not what size the brush said. This has meant that the 0 is my standard brush now, with the 1 coming out for large areas and washes, and the 00 and 000 for the stuff I previously used the fine detail brush for.

                          The handle size is longer than a GW brush, to allow for the double heads. It is also wider in the middle, which I find to be more comfortable than others I have tried, but this may be down to my troll size hands.

                          The PSS range (bottom brush) are noticeably smaller, perhaps designed to be easily flicked around when wet blending with multiple colours at the same time.

                          While the largest brushes in the range are large (4RX top, 3LX middle), they are not anywhere near the size of a tank brush.

                          I haven't really got the brushes dirty enough to use the soap or towel yet, but the stand is nice. It comes in 3 sections with a couple of screws. It's a little wobbly, partially down to my incompetence at building things not made of plastic and resin, and partially down to some glue not being quite set but if anything falls apart it should be fixable with some decent glue.

                          Overall, 30 for 16 brushes is an absolute bargain, and they are of a good quality. I shouldn't need to buy any more brushes for another few years, given that I effectively have 4 of each brush
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                            personally I like to use a size 1 generally as it holds more paint meaning I can get a longer stroke before it dries up then use size 0 for eyes,etc, but we each find our own way.

                            The comparison photo looks like they are splitting already?
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                              Im the same I use a Rosemary and co size 1 for everything but swap to a 0 for smaller details ive got smaller brushes but havnt used them yet!!

                              Like the look of the G+G brushes though!! mind you I put mine in my mouth when doing other stuff so that would be a bit of a break in habbit!!