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  • Pick what I do as my challenge WIP

    Ok, here's the thing. I need to strip my horse thingy and fix some molding issues and do it right. I also offered a challenge that Matty has taken up. So I feel I need to live up to my own challenge and finish something I've already started. I'm going to give you a few options and you all can vote on them and tell me what I should do next.

    1) The hated "Wall". This was started as an entry for the "Sinister" comp and made a brief but feeble apearence as a possibility in the "Alone in the Dark" comp. It was never entered in either one. I hate this piece. I loathe it. But some day I'm going to finish it. THe idea is a grey scale mini with blood splashed around like in "Sin City". But I'm having issues with the OSL.

    2) "The Russian". Don't ask me why I call it that. He just reminds me of a Russian. It was started to give me a bit of a break from some serious painting I was doing but ended up being more involved than I though it would be. Then I messed up the perfectly beautiful face I did and said F^@# it and put him aside. He's been waiting to be finished for over a year now. Most of the back of the cloak is freehand folds because the sculpt didn't have enough folds in it. He'll go on a snow base. My FIRST snow base.

    3) "Sibling Rivalry" or "How to raise an Ortega Gunslinger". This was started and doing really well until one of my cats (Probably Hoople Head) knocked over a bottle of W&N brush cleaner on it and dissolved the beautiful skin and red I'd already done. It's part of a series of "kids minis" I'm doing that include the kids from Hasslefree. I've done one already ("I'm Coming With You") that resides in England at this time. The barrel will be replaced with a crate of "dynamite" and the stick will be a lit stick of dynamite. They're playing chicken. Ortega Gun Slingers are nuts. Just so you know.

    4) "Female Frost Giant". This is an old Julie Gutherie female frost giant. I had painted it back in the early '80's and thought how wonderful it was. I looked at it about 6 months or so ago and realised just how wrong I was. I plan on using her in a scene as a tracker on a 54mm scale with her at the edge of a steem kneeling in the mud looking for something that left some prints behind. I LOVE this model, BTW, and plan on making her clothes in an almost black green and her hair ginger again.

    5) "Oops". This is the last (maybe) of the "kid minis". The woman is a Werner Klocke. She's holding a bad of bottles in one hand and one of the bottles in the other. There are a couple of broken ones on the ground that are hard to make out. Love the models and never done a Werner Klocke before so that would be fun.

    So which is it to be? Vote and let me know!
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    I say the Frost Giant, as I was consulted about that in the first place.
    The eyes!, the EYES!!

    ...tapping fingers impatiently...


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      I've always liked the Sibling Rivalry idea, but I'm struggling how any of these fit with Flower Power?


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        the wall, its bugging you and is most finished. it will give you the most satisfaction once its 'out the way'
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          Sibling Rivalry for my choice.

          Peace and love...


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            The wall, it looks great and I think it's a very succesful example of the technique you're using. Finish it!
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              "the Wall"...........finish it, then throw it against a wall ;p I know how much you dislike the thing by now
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                Originally posted by EldinTux
                I've always liked the Sibling Rivalry idea, but I'm struggling how any of these fit with Flower Power?
                It doesn't. This is for my challenge thread where you take something you've neglected and finish it.

                Looks like the majority have spoken. Sibling Rivalry it is. After that's done I'll finish my wall. I think I know what to do on that one now. I'll post pics in the challenge thread this coming weekend and get on it. It might be slow going considering the amount of painting I have to finish this month.
                Keeper quote: "I've got 10 inches, here!!"