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  • Telion

    I'm trying to paint a generic Telion.

    I was starting with a very shiny armor

    But I do not find this style realistic, so I added rust and dust, but now I doubt...was it a good idea ?

    So, i'd like to have your opinion on this mini :)
    Thanks for your answer


    PS: Excuse my language if there are some mistakes; believe me, I do my best to write in a correct english

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    Hi Oliver welcome to the group.
    i prefer it with the weathered look. I would be tempted to pick out the very edges a little more, like the rivets on the knee pads with some mithril silver.

    The gold eagle looks great, the other gold however would benefit from further highlighting up

    p.s. your english is better than some english people i know!!
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      Yep I'm with Brett on that eagle looks great, and def prefer the weathered look.

      The clothing looks like it could do with some more blending too.

      Welcome to the group :)


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        another vote for the weathered look.


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          Weathered is much better. It's a strong model, I think the bolter could be beat up a little more either through weathering or some highlighting
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            Welcome and your english is probably better than mine (My being an American and all). I like the weathered look as well. I agree with the above and how about also adding a bit of "weather" on the hem of the cloak. Just a touch, though. Too much will spoil your really good red.
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              Thank you all for your advices ! :)
              I'm glad you like weathered telion.
              At this time, I'm over booked but soon I'll ended(?) this mini !


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                look forward to seeing him done
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