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100Yr Old Statue Renovation.

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  • 100Yr Old Statue Renovation.

    Here is a Statue I renovated over the course of this year!

    I know its not a typical miniature but as I restored it and painted it I thought I would make a thread to show the progress I made and the outcome!


    I was asked by my Mam to restore the statue as she knew I was quite handy with this kind of thing!
    The statue itself is over 100yrs old and belonged to My Grandmothers Grandmother, and she got it from her Mother, so it possibly much older than thought.

    The statue is 13inches tall and just over 4inches wide at its widest point it is made of chalk and was painted but as time went by the statue decayed and the paint went solid and chipped off.

    So last year my Mam asked me to have a go at it and see what I could do. before i got a chance my Dad tried to paint it with poster paints and it was a disaster.

    So I took it and Started a year long project.

    Below are some images of the Statue from Start to Finish and final use for the statue.

    This is what it came to me like, Im not sure its noticeable but it had no nose.

    I slowly started to clean it up and remove the hard paint, it took several weeks to clean up the surface, I had to reshape all the fingers and toes and folds in the robes, I also had to reshape the rocks and put a level surface on the base. I then set about re sculpting the nose.
    almost completely clean and with a new nose, once all the holes and details were shaped I gave the statue a pva wash to seal the chalk and I undercoated it once fully dried.
    Undercoated and sat on a plastic covered level surface to level up the base.
    I then set about painting it and it took me several weeks to get the statue finished.

    once finished I contacted My Mam and told her it was finished! My Mam said since i had worked so hard on it I should give it to my Grandmother for Christmas.
    so i set out to find a nice box to put it in and found one on Ebay,
    Its a wine box and was perfect size I had to make some adjustments to the inside edges as they were too big so I shaped it to fit the statues shape and lined it with red material wich was a task in itself.


    so now! 1 week before Christmas I have finished completely and the statue rests in its box ready to be given to my Gran on Christmas, neither My Mam or Gran have seen the statue so hopefully they will be happy....

    Hope you Guys enjoy my trip down restoration lane and please feel free to comment or ask any questions

    Thanks Guys.

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    Wow, great job! And perfect timing for the holidays. Granny and mom will be pleased I'm sure.


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      What a brilliant wip and amazing job. It fantastic when you take our hobby which is essentially about us and use it to give so much joy to someone else. With DL doing the same I think im finally starting to feel christmassy. Bah it will pass!
      "Keep your brush wet and our humour dry." :cheeky:


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        Cheers guys!
        @Phatkid lol Bahumbug!!


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          OK guys well My Granny and my Mam came to mine at Christmas and I handed my Gran the box! she opened it and looked inside and when she saw it she was speechless! she loved it and had a tear in her eye bless her!
          and my Mam loved it too!!

          Happy Christmas all round me thinks lol


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            Stunning work!


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              Cheers Jabber much appreciated, it was a labour of love for sure, meant so much to get it done for Christmas.


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                What a very thoughtful thing to do for your family! All that time and hard work you gave! You did a nice job restoring Our Lady, and I'm happy that your Gram appreciated just what a considerate gift it was!
                "All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle." -St. Francis


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                  Thanks MamaGeek that was nice of you to say :-) I saw your vigil you did for your Daughter and it made me smile! Its the true meaning of christmas when ya make something and give it away specially to someone who appreciates it lime family! The heart felt joy I received from the look on my Grans face made my Christmas! Millions of pounds cant buy that look! Priceless!!