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A Little over 100 miniatures Assembled but not Painted

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  • A Little over 100 miniatures Assembled but not Painted

    Hi All,

    Looking to sell a little over 100 miniatures 98% of them are assembled but not painted. Couple still in box.

    They have been in storage and moved around a few times. They are all about 5 years old or older. That's probably when I stopped buying. There is some damages (metal bent), I noticed a few had broken off poles or knives.

    Items are currently located in Canada. I can ship world wide if you help cover shipping. I'd like to sell everything as one lot as I just want to get rid of it all. Message me if you want closer pictures of things. I just kind of provided general photo's.

    Basically my purchasing thought process was "I love this miniature" so I bought it or I thought it was unique. It sat in a cabinet for years. Eventually I moved houses and it all got put in storage. Over time my interests changed. And I"m moving houses again, so I'd like to get rid of it before I move again.

    Also I think the Rackham stuff are knock offs (not all but probably 1/2 of it I know the bust is not legit). Aside from that I believe everything else is original.

    Huge mix of vendor's. Some limited run stuff. Let me know what you think.
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