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Cold Clay epoxy putty

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  • Cold Clay epoxy putty

    I posted this at Platoon Britannica yesterday, but it's drawn a blank, so I thought I'd try here

    Has anyone used Cold Clay expoy putty for figures? The Cold Clay site itself has a picture of what looks like a 28mm Dwarf, so they seem to think it's possible.

    I'm thinking of using it more to bulk out the basic figure than for fine details. If anyone has used it, any feedback on its behaviour with GS and other putties would be most welcome


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    Welcome to WAMP Zemjw, Sorry I have never heard of cold clay expoy butty but they do say its simplar to Magic Sculpt and Milliput... If you do give it a whirl, let us know the results


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      Is this the same as air drying clay?
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        Never heard of the stuff. Looks like and is sold for a similar price to Magic Sculpt. If you do try it out let us know how it works us.

        @DL, I dont think so as it says its an epoxy.

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          It seems to have the same basic properties of Magic Sculpt and Milliput. The info states that it smooths better in water then any other clay so I assume that it responds marginally better to water then Milliput. I do know that milliput tends to break down a bit if you thin it to slip consistency. As such Cold Clay would fill a need there. If it does thin to slip consistency then you should be able to cast with it really well.

          @ DL it's still a two part epoxy clay. As such it will cure. Not dry. It sounds like it dries to a lower shore hardness then Magic Sculpt and Milliput though.

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            @ shanerozzell - thanks for the welcome. I've been lurking for a while, so thought it about time I staggered into daylight

            I ordered some Cold Clay last night. I was originally looking for Magic Sculpt when I stumbled across this stuff (same seller), so I bought them both - not even sure I saved on p&p doing that...

            I tend to suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome, but hopefully I'll get a chance to try it before the next small piece of metal distracts me


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              Hi zemjw & welcome to WAMP. I'd not heard of Cold Clay either, until your post, and would be interested to hear how it performs particularly as compared with milliput.

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                Thanks for the link looks useful and welcome to forum.


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                  :Wamp: & I'd be interested to know how you find it

                  (btw, is the dwarf on there site not a Freebooter one?)
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                    Hi and welcome Zemjw, you are in the right place for friendy. Trying to connect two threads here if anyone has or intends to try Cold Clay with Instantmould I'd be very interested to see the results.
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