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Milliput wash?

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  • Milliput wash?

    So I am trying to take more time and try for better overall results this year. Prep being an area I have chiefly ignored I thought I'd start there.

    Tim/Freakinacage over on CMON was nice enough to send me a few samples of some of the putties out there and I tried to use the milliput as a wash by pulling off a small hunk, sort of making a bowl shaped depression in it and mixing some water around with a brush. Theory being I would brush this onto the mini to help smooth out the rough spots and plug any air holes.

    It didn't work at all. It's like the product wasn't wate soluble and wouldn't mix. Can anyone help shed some light on this situation? Anyone out there use the milliput wash on a regular basis?

    Thanks for the help all!

    I posted this on CMON too. Hopefully someone can shed some light!
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