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Extra putty? What do you do with leftovers?

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    Stick it to my monitor, paint box, child...

    I don't waste a great deal any more because I have the secret of mixing the correct amount of GS, MS, Miliput etc etc... I shall share it now.

    As an example, I'm mixing up GS, i'll cut off a bit of yellow and a bit of blue (I buy the sticks). I try to get what I think is the right amount, then I cut it in half and put half back! It's really that simple. Mix much less than you think you need.

    It's also alot easier if you have a couple of projects on the go. I'm quite a heavy putty user :D


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      Im going to recreate the mash potato mountain from close encounters
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        Mine's often dried before I can use it all - as I'm pretty rubbish with the putty.
        I use Donga's technique and put half back - and I still have too much - so will have to put even more back :D

        I like some of the ideas suggested, but fear if I started doing that while the putty is still fresh I won't actually be doing what I was supposed to with the putty in the first place!
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