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    As it's my first post on this forum, I'd like to say hello to everyone. I'm mainly interested in sculpting, so I'm going to show you, from time to time, some minis I'm working on. There are some sculptors here, so I would be glad to hear/read some opinions.

    Here you can see a WIP sculpt I 've been working for few months. She was inspired by art from Infinity (don't ask me who was on it - my friend showed it to me :) and still needs a lot of work.

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    That's looking quite decent already. I assume she's 28mm?
    Something that immediately stands out to me is that the nose is quite large. I think she'd look more feminine if you could thin that down a bit, and perhaps accentuate the cheekbones just a very little more.
    Is it greenstuff and Milliput you're using?
    Things I'm working on: Sculpting, Puppet Wars Unstitched, Sapo


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      She is a bit larger than 28mm, let's say 30mm.
      Her face.. yup, my wife told me the same. Probably I'm gonna make a new one.
      Material - I'm mixing magic sculpt and GS (usually 2:1); however for clothing I prefer pure MS.



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        firstly welcome to Wamp.
        We have some great sculptors here (inlcuding some ex Rackham guys) so you are in good company.

        i think you have the basics there its a case of getting some details right and defining areas a bit more.

        the frst thing that hit me is the hair, it needs to be better defined and thinner strands. her right boob looks an odd shape, I assume its the cloth fold? I would maybe alter that slightly.

        Keep us posted
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          Yup, there is still lots of things to do... boots, jacket, weapon and new head probably.
          Boobs - are ok - its Tshirt she wears.

          When she was naked she looked like this..