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  • which putty?

    ok so my green stuff ran out so i need some more but im wondering wether green stuff is the best option for what i need.
    manily use for gap filling, smoothing on bases. - im not looking at sculpting and the like.

    so is green stuff best? i know super sculpy gets good reviews for use but not sure its better for my needs?

    any recommendations?
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    When I'm not using Green Stuff, I'm using Epoxy Sculpt- it's fantastic stuff! You can make it super smooth after you fill a gap by putting bit of water on your finger and running it over the putty. I use it for really small gaps, because I feel it gets in there better than the GS does.

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      For gap filling I like magic sculp which is a lot softer and also smooths out nicely.

      This is the stuff

      I like procreate for basic straps and things.

      Its probably heresy but I am not a big fan of green stuff, I find its just too hard and it doesn't keep as well.

      Super sculpey needs baking so using it for gap filling isn't so great, unless you want to bake it, which might play funny games with your models.

      I've been playing with a mix of super sculpey and fimo. Here are some rather unimpressive rocks in progress;

      It feels slightly absurd to bake if you should also be making a sauce. Its quite good though as you can keep on playing with it until the cows come home until its baked.


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        ah could be magisculp i was thinking off - dont want no baking unless its scones!
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          No blue rock snacks? Shame.

          I have been wanting to try epoxy sculpt, might pick some of that up. It seems to be a taxidermy favourite..must avoid the cats with it.


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            When you talk about smoothing/filling bases I assume you mean plastic bases. Don't use a putty which needs baking then as it will melt the plastic. Of course this applies to plastic miniatures too ;)

            Like Captain Sprout Magic Sculp is probably my favorite putty because I find it the easiest to smooth out while sculpting/filling/whatever and it is very easy to achieve a super smooth finish with the help of some wet-and-dry paper after the putty is cured. The one problem I have with Magic Sculp is that it is not very sticky, but mixing it with a little bit of ProCreate solves this problem and the putty stil retains all advantages of Magic Sculp.

            But to be honest - just for gap filling and smoothing out bases I would probably take the putty that is easiest for me to get hold of and/or cheapest. Green Stuff, Brown Stuff, ProCreate, Miliput (superfine) - they are all usable for your task.


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              by smoothing out bases i mean if i do a scenic base and build a gradient in i will smooth it out a bit before adding sand - does that make sense?
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                I tend to use miliput for that as I find it holds a shape well. Not tried the superfine stuff though, just the bog standard one.

                Other than that I use one of the vallejo paste thingies as I find they make a good base holder and offer a little texture too. Economical too as they go on for ages.

                This sort of thing



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                  MagicSculp is my favourite putty for everything, more or less. And it's cheap. Too good to be true, almost... :D
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                    Personally I'm a fan of Milliput, red Box variety.
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                      well ordered some milliput superfine - whats the different colours though? i presume they are different grain size or somthing?
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                        got my milliput and how super is it!
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                          Got some as well. It's messy when you mix it is what I've found out. Anyone know if it keeps longer (unmixed of course) under any special conditions? freezer? room temp? air tight? separate containers?
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                            I keep each stick in separate plastic bags in a container, not sure if that's recommended but it always seems to be ok when I come to use it.


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                              pretty certain green stuff keeps in the freezer
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