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Large scale sculpt, second try

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    The texture really is great.
    Something to watch out for, though, is that it doesn't obscure the volumes of your sculpt too much. While the toes are nicely defined in your initial blocking, I think they could use a little stronger lines in the pictures with the fur texture added onto it. You're adding another layer, so it's evident that you're smoothing out the sculpt doing so; I wonder whether you're best overdefining the shapes in your blocking out phase, or reshaping after applying the texturing layer (which could be an utter mess, I'd think).

    PS: I just read you're taking a break. Best of luck; no need to push yourself if you don't feel like it. Does that also mean Guild Ball is being put in the fridge for a while for you?
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      Guild ball isn't going to show until December, so I'll probably be back on the wagon before that point I imagine!

      The gaps in the foot are a bit more obvious in real life (I should try to take photos from the front and other side really), but it's certainly something I'll keep an eye on - I can actually go back and alter layers of fur without too much extra trouble so if they need it they'll get heavier separation. When I get back to it I'll have a careful look once the leg is shaped fully.

      Man... Just realised that I did a couple of sessions and then needed to pack it away again... not making very good progress!
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        Once someone wrote it isnt about the speed of progress, its about the whole journey... take your time!
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          It might benefit from some more defined muscle/tendon shaping. That's just my opinion, mind, but it seems like an excellent fur texture pasted over a cardboard tube. If you look at real animal legs, cats and dogs etc, there's the bones and the tendons and the skin/fur is stretched tight over the top so that it dips in in the gaps.

          In the case of miniatures particularly, exaggeration is key to realism.