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Create "realistic" looking blood with Tamiya X-27 Clear Red

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  • Create "realistic" looking blood with Tamiya X-27 Clear Red

    I hope this will prove to be of help with people struggling to make a realistic looking blood. The solution of using real blood is out of question in this instance (although I remember reading that some place..anyways..).
    Tamiya produce a series of clear paints, i.e., paints that will dry up in an almost crystalline transparent film. This series is mainly used in painting airplane lights etc in scale models.
    The paint in question here is the Tamiya X-27 clear red.

    The paint is quite thick in consistency and dries up to an almost glassy finish. As you can see in the picture below a drop of this looks quite bright red in colour but it has a nice fluid transparency.
    The trick here is to add darker colours in it and produce various tones of coagulated blood. You see blood does not stay bright red for more than a couple of minutes anyway, and as soon as it touches the air it starts oxidising to a rusty colour. This is in truth the actual process as the iron contained within red blood cells starts to oxidise in contact with air, and when we combine air with iron we get rust.

    You can add anything from brown, black or even purple to get different shades of blood, as you can see in the picture.

    Given the fact that there is usually a thickness difference in the pigments of the clear red and the colours we use to colour it, a nice effect of blobs and such appears as seen above. The process is quite simple, use the paint as is or mix it up in order to get the shade of blood you like. When done, take a brush and blot the paint on a blade or any surface you want to cover with it.

    I have included two pics from an Orc's axe I have used this trick on.

    That is all folks! Quite simple and effective. human right..

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    Good little article :) . It is amazing stuff that clear red. I should say that if folk desire more 'gore', simply add some UHU glue to the mix and add to the figure as desired - great for doing 'drips' and puddles of bloody too!


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      Pardon my newbish question but UHU?


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        Originally posted by TheProdigalGamer View Post
        Pardon my newbish question but UHU?
        Glue, it'll mix with PVA glue too.

        I also like to keep old toothbrushes for a nice splatter effect, worth experimenting on a test subject first though as it's tricky to control!



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          It's a brand of all purpose clear glue.

          Clear and gloopy, it's normally shunned for it's gluing prowess due to the mess it makes, but it's annoying stretchy-gloopyness makes for cool sxf.

          Bostik equivalent-

          and uhu -


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            Love the stuff. You can also melt tome clear plastic bottle plastic and stretch it until it looks like a small stream of water, slap some tamiya clear yellow/green and you have tiny sludge streams flowing out of a sewer.


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              man this stuff stinks but i got a pot specifically for blood - like to add a little purple to the mix to get a better colour
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                Yeah, I bought this for blood - it a lovely red too. I find that it depends on the colour underneath the TCR to determine if any other colours are needed in the mix.

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                  I use Tamiya clear red with Andrea black ink for fresh blood or Andrea brown ink for old blood.


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                    You will only ever lick your brush once using this stuff :)


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                      Does this stuff work well on non metallic paint too?
                      I'm in the middle of painting some Dire Wolves and they could do with a touch more colour.
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                        Sure, you can slap it on anything. :)


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                          Originally posted by Orki View Post
                          Sure, you can slap it on anything. :)
                          except your burgers - this stuff tastes rank. (and I am an advocate of brush licking normally!)
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                            Originally posted by Darklord View Post
                            except your burgers - this stuff tastes rank. (and I am an advocate of brush licking normally!)
                            You can't judge a paint by taste, I say.
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                              I think I used that tamiya clear red on the guts on this devourer's base: