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  • Making waves

    Hi all

    so I have a nice big dragon to paint up...

    I want to build the base up so that it looks like the ship is sinking in a choppy sea.

    What would you folks use for that? Any good tutorials you'd recommend. I have plans to put a few extra characters overboard, and fighting off one or two of these guys, coming out of the sea:

    It's been a while since I sculpted a base so I'm interested to find out if there are some good products on the market to use. I'm in the UK.



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    lots of options. I would probably go with an mdf base partly to add a little weight so the sculpt stays balanced then sculpt the waves up from that.

    We do have some stuff that might help in our store so maybe have a look at and check out the scenics section. We can order a lot of stuff in if you dont see it there.

    for water effects try google for model boat dioramas theres some stunning wave effects possible
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