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Cleaning a cutting mat

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  • Cleaning a cutting mat

    I have a self healing cutting mat thats getting a bit grimey with spilt paint, superglue milliput etc and wondered if there is an easy way to clean it ?
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    Dunno, If you find one let me know.

    Is it as bad as mine?

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      I'm pretty sure you can clean those mats with just about anything. Soft Scrub bleach cleaner for the bathroom, alcohol, etc. My dad had one at work (he owned a printing company) that he got ink on all the time- he'd just clean it with MEK and keep working.

      For those who care to know MEK is a really powerful cleaning agent that used to be used by printers- it worked too good so there was obviously something dangerous in it and it eventually got pulled. Stuff stank a little and could get you high as a kite, as I found out when my dad set me to scubbing all the floors of the printing area by hand with the stuff.

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        Why would you want to clean it I think it adds to the character

        I give mine a wipe with a damp cloth now and then but that's only to remove the dust and pigments
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          A metal scraper and an industrial cleaning agent works for me, but the cuts in the mat will still remain.


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            I use a layer of paper over mine when painting or gluing on it so it stays cleaner, whoops hadn't realised how sad that was until now.


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              It might end up more expensive to clean than buying a new one, they aren't usually that pricey.
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