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    Here's the gallery on Imgur:

    They're rather large so I didn't want to embed one in the post.

    So, some background - I've been painting for just a few months, and not consistently until recently. I have about 7 unique minis painted at this point (the above being the latest) and about 12 minis in total. I know that my NMM technique is non-existent and I need to learn that. The glow effect from the lantern was just me "winging it", I've never attempted anything like that before. Lastly, I feel like my paint consistency is good usually, but I may be loading too much on the brush at times.

    So whether it's something specific or even anything more high level to keep in mind would be appreciated. I've always felt I completely lacked any creative talent but I've been feeling good about my progression so far and really enjoy the hobby, so I'd love to improve as much as I can. I realize my work doesn't compare to some others I see asking for comments, but I have to start somewhere, right? :)

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    I'll see about throwing some meaningful comments at it tonight. First impression is it's not bad could do for more contrast though. Brighter highlights and deeper shading in spots.
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      Welcome to the forum! For an early painting "career" miniature, it's nice to see you pushing techniques like OSL already. Don't worry about picking up NMM yet, it's definitely a luxury technique not something for your basic toolkit.

      My only criticism is I think the hair, skin and waistcoat are all too similar in colour. A little purple on the waistcoat and a little more black in the hair would help offer some contrast between the areas.

      Look forward to seeing more of your work here.
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        Thanks for the reply! I see what you mean about the hair, skin, and waistcoat. Appreciate the insight!


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          For painting for just a few months you are doing great. I really like the trousers - very "painterly" - rather than all super smooth. It gives nice texture I think.
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