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Miniature Of The Week 19th Feb - 25th feb 2021

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  • Miniature Of The Week 19th Feb - 25th feb 2021

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    Okay, I'm up for this with my new diorama. It's called...Tr-n-ng...and is very loosely based on the adventures of Slaine MacRoth from the British Sci-Fi comic, 2000AD.

    19-Feb-2021 WIP
    A 40cm diameter LED Ring Light was fixed to the wooden base using 2-part epoxy, with a weathered cliff face/large tree scenic hot-glued on at both ends. Suitable clearance holes were cut through a resin aquarium piece so it would fit over the Ring Light and epoxied in place. The basic landscape was then formed using an aerosol can of expanding foam. Once the foam had set it was cut to the approximate profile I wanted and then a thin shell of celluclay was spread over the foam to provide a hard surface suitable for further work.

    01. Tr-n-ng WIP 19-Feb-2021.jpg
    The base was then left to dry out overnight.

    20-Feb-2021 WIP
    In the morning, I made a few corrections to the basic landscape and gave it a rough coat of brown/green acrylic craft paint. Meanwhile, most of the 54mm white metal/resin kit figures to be used had been in my collection for years and some were in need of a freshen up, so this task was carried out, plus most of the figure bases removed and replaced with locating pins made from straightened paper clips.
    The figures were then added to the landscape in stages, blending them in and adding the static grass, ferns, boulders, and so on. And I dreamed up some character names while I was at it.

    02. Tr-n-ng 20-Feb-2021.jpg

    It's probably not obvious, but the figures are actually located in distinct groups so I could shoot sections of the diorama that would (hopefully) look similar to artwork by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell;

    03. Tr-n-ng 20-Feb-2021.jpg
    04. Tr-n-ng 20-Feb-2021.jpg
    05. Tr-n-ng 20-Feb-2021.jpg

    At the same time. I also wanted the overall appearance of the groups of figures to be reasonably connected and tied together.

    06. Tr-n-ng 20-Feb-2021.jpg

    Looking good, so far.

    07. Tr-n-ng 20-Feb-2021.jpg

    At one time it seemed like every second diorama I built featured a bridge of some kind. Now it's these LED Ring Lights, but I do love the effect they provide, especially in a darkened room.

    08. Tr-n-ng 20-Feb-2021.jpg
    But there was something bugging me about the composition of the figure groups, so I decided to leave things alone while I chewed things over.

    21-Feb-2021 FINISHED
    Having slept on it, I realized this morning that the overall balance of the figure groups was a bit off, so "Deirdre of Dalriada" was added in -- and this fixed it for me.

    09. Tr-n-ng 21-Feb-2021.JPG


    10. Tr-n-ng 21-Feb-2021.JPG

    So, all in all, this was a really enjoyable wee project. Of course it helped that most of the various jobs had been previously completed, but it was a nice little weekend effort and looks brilliant sitting on a shelf in my Man-Cave. These things are never truly finished, (or rather, mine aren't), and I think I'll probably add more ferns and a few clumps of flowers, but this'll do for now.
    Next up? I reckon I'll do a historical vignette just for a change -- either a brand new one, or I'll revamp an existing scene. Dunno yet.

    Cheers the Noo
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      one day left to get your entries in. either post here or tag us in your social media pics
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