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"Outnumbered" - Wicked Cthulu+Zombie Diorama

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  • "Outnumbered" - Wicked Cthulu+Zombie Diorama

    Hy there.

    Fittingly I did finish my latest project at Halloween and I also managed to make some pictures already.

    The title of this diorama is "Outnumbered" and was heavily inspired by the TV series "The Walking Dead".
    The Cthulu-Theme of the dungeon came to my mind as I thought about a motive for the banner. It may be a sick combination - Zombies+Cthulu - but what the heck!
    I like it. :D Maybe a ceremony for the old ones spinned out of control and turned the clansmen into zombies, who knows... ;)
    BUT whatever it was, our brave hero got himself into quite a difficult situation here. Watch your back!!! ;)

    The miniatures are from Redbox Games (barbarian) and Mantis Games (zombies). I had to convert the zombies a little bit (especially the crawler and the decapitated one)
    but since these are plastic miniatures it was quite easy. There are very view zombie miniatures out there which are quite scary, most of them just look funny. :/
    I also ordered some of the new zombie miniatures from Redbox Games, but I am still waiting for my delivery so I went with the Mantis Games zombies.

    The diorama is like always build completely from scratch, mostly out of modelling plaster. I also tried some new things this time
    (like casting the cthulu skulls or heavily using pigments) and so this project was quite fun. I did this project without any competition timeline so it was quite easy going.
    To be honest, I was quite amazed how "quick" (exactly 2 months) I managed to finish this big diorama. It is now my biggest diorama I built so far but I think I will go
    smaller on the next projects, otherwiese I will run out of place in my display cabinet. :D

    So, I hope you like "Outnumbered" and feel free to vote ( and comment! Would love to hear what you think of it, what do you like, what do you dislike. :)

    Best regards


    PS: You can find some WIP pictures on my facebook page, so feel free to visit (

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    Amazing job Crackpot!!!! Love the free hand Mind Flayer on the wall, the OSL, and the zombie carnage


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      Thats awesome. Some of the blood is a bit red for me but overall, total awesome.


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        That's not a mindflayer, it's Cthulhu.
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          Originally posted by Undave View Post

          That's not a mindflayer, it's Cthulhu.
          Cthulhu, Mindflayer, illithid....when its sucking out your brain, its all the same.


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            Simply brilliant. The sense of it being "in action" is fantastic, the colour choices are great and the execution of the scene as a whole is near perfect. Love it. Inspiring stuff indeed.

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            You people scare me


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              Woa! Finding it hard to find words to describe this, awesome dark atmosphere, and awesome paint job on this. Can't find fault with it at all really, excellent work!
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                Wow... so jealous >< i want it! grrrrrrrrrrrr


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                  that is cool, I love it

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                    amazing! I love the attention to detail. :D

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                      Very nice, love the atmosphere you've created and the narrative.

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                        Oooh. That's a BINGO!
                        This is grapeshot. This is what it does.


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                          I just love that the barbarian guy looks so darned happy!


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                            The Wamp standard just went up a little higher. My favourite bit is the banner, that rocks even more than the rest, cracking work grommit
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                              The cool background really sets the mood of the diorama. Nicely gloomy and interesting work of the gore.
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