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"It waz him"

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  • "It waz him"

    Hi guys.
    "It waz him" - " Ztato lui" GW diorama

    Finally i post my little scene that I made in March of 2010 and that I remodeled in before Italian GD.
    It is a little smart scene born from a crazy night with my friend and teacher Rapaz ( thank you again Davide)
    We love gobnar!! :D

    This little diorama gave me a great satisfaction, both in building that in painting.
    And also It gave me big satisfaction to the various competitions:
    Gold at Amis at Milano cat. diorama
    bronze at "Au petit soldat"
    finalist at the Golden Demon Italy
    bronze at Grog
    silver at Monte San Savino Show
    I hope you like it.
    as always, questions, comments and suggestions are welcome

    trevis ;)
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    Nice little diorama, lots of little details making the viewer go back time and again to look at things missed first time.

    Very nicely done
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      Excellent scene and well painted. Thanks for sharing.
      The eyes!, the EYES!!

      ...tapping fingers impatiently...


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        Cool scene. Well done.

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          Like this great character


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            love it, suitably messy base!!
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                really good dio. Love everything about it. Brilliant


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                  I love it! I am actually making a mini diorama with two of the same miniatures (the gretchin) at the was my original mini for my ladder with SimonW that I couldnt finish in time.
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                    haha, very cute.


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                      Great work! Outstanding painting and a very clear scene. I like the tan-coloured gretchin, it brings a great contrast.
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                        thank you very much guys!!
                        It's a pleasure for me read all your comments..

                        If you want vote it and comment on cMon here the links

                        In this moment I'm doing a little mini for a Miniature Exchange and a 54mm Vendel warrior..but I think that I will do a little gretching scene ASAP.

                        Thank you again.
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                          Excellent stuff - funny & good storytelling
                          Oooh. That's a BINGO!
                          This is grapeshot. This is what it does.


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                            great painting and the scene set up is good . Very well done
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                              I always appreciate when someone takes the time to create a story with their pieces. Fine work, and congrats on the wins it's gotten for you.

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