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Necromunda Goliath dude...

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  • Necromunda Goliath dude...

    Painted this guy. Hit me with them crits!
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    "Who needs weights? Animals don't lift weights, and animals are STRONG!"
    -Chuck "the Truck" Wallace

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    Looking pretty good to me, bit random but I especially like the blue bits on his elbows and kness!

    If you wanted areas for improvement I think it's just about pushing the contrast further but you're in the right place, just moooar!


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      nice work as always Scott but somethings not sitting quite right with me and I cant put my finger on what it is. I THINK its the armour plating, it feels a bit....meh. It could be the light balance on the photos though but I think it needs some tinting in the shaded areas but I could recommend what colour.
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