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"The Rescue" - Reaper LE Sci-fi Sophie diorama

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  • "The Rescue" - Reaper LE Sci-fi Sophie diorama

    Hi everyone, after working on this for a month I had completed it up to a stage where my current skill level couldn't improve it any further, plus I wanted to bite through the rest of my pile of miniature and I want to start working on another commission job, here're my Sci-fi Sophie completion shots.

    The most important element of this diorama is of course Sophie. But with the sculpt you can see that she is looking down, that was why I need to spend so much time working on the rest of the set up: to give her something to look at.

    This is an overview shot of the set up. I could have done a lot more air- brushing with the structure, giving it more dramatic lighting effect, but because this is my first serious larger diorama I was again rushing towards the end a little bit, so I haven't. Likewise the weathering could have been done a lot better. I would take a better shot of her later, the wing is just slotted onto the column by two brass pin so I still have a chance to change her pose if I wanted to.

    The scene below took me a lot of work. Painting infinity miniature is always enjoyable as they offer appropriate details and very sharp outlines and recesses. Had some fun making the severed arm and adding the loose wires in, will take more close up shots later.

    Back story:

    "The base was abandoned due to the land slide. A ferret made a home among the cracks of the boulders. Sophie led two drones to check up on the base to see if it is possible to clear the boulders out. The first drone landed on the yellow flowers and slipped, broke the hip joint and its arm upon impact on the ledges. The ferret, which was alerted by the commotion, came out and saw the severed arm. With its natural habit of picking up loose items it took the arm by the loose wires and drag it to its lair. Just then the second drone landed next to the fallen drone. The drone didn't notice the ferret at first. When it finally did, it got into battle stance, just then Sophie arrived, descending upon the scene, amused."

    Here's a close up on the 'air-borne' Sophie. The most fun I had with her is perhaps when I paint her suit. It was only air-brushed with shadow and highlight, plus a thin blue base paint. Because I got the contrast right this time I don't really have to paint on the blue highlights. Same thing goes with the armor plates, which is in the same colors as the remotes.

    Thank you for reading :).

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    turned out great mate, composition is great (perhaps something at the top of the rock pile (tree maybe) would have helped balance it a little but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this come together.
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