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    Hi...this is my last work...painting acrilic to figure by Raffaele Picca...


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    definitely not the Rhino I expected, LOL...

    lovely job, but I believe you could do some more shading to get that rugged effect
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      Great model and the skintone is very nice. I might have to try that out on one of my own rhino-warriors. I second Demonn though, it would be good with a bit more shading. And maybe tidy up the body paint a bit around the edges? Don't know the scale though, so might be a case of big pics. Overall I like the character.


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        Good stuff mate. I would be tempted to knock the war paint back a bit. Take some of your flesh tone and dilute it so its the consistency of milk and apply a few layers over the war paint. This will tonevit in to the flesh a little.
        On the flesh itself some purpleor blue glazes would help build the contrast and give more visual interest
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          This is a lovely bust, I picked up one at the MV workshop. I really like the skin tone you've used that's going to stand out on a shelf or cabinet. The horns are nicely painted too.

          Trying to pick up on what the others have said will really help you to attain more heights with your painting. I know you can do it!

          On top of the other comments I'd like to add just two tiny spots of white, one to each eye just to give them life.


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            Thanks very happy to like you...