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15mm Scale Salamader Mech on Kickstarter

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  • 15mm Scale Salamader Mech on Kickstarter

    Project Title - Rangers Project: Salamander Mech 15mm Scale Miniature

    Company - Chris Gotcher

    Target - $1150 (currently $6100)

    General Description - A 15mm scale Salamander Mech which will be cast in resin after being 3d printed. The actual model will stand roughly 12cm (or 4.75 inches) tall. The basic model is in 24 parts and the stretch goals are all unlocking new weapons/upgrade add-ons, with free add-on slots also being unlocked. They're $35 a piece or $90 for 3 including a number of additional upgrades. Free shipping in the US or $5 outside it. You also get some snazzy computer Wallpapers.

    Start/End Date of funding - 4th February - 25th February

    When will I get my rewards? - End of March 2014

    Link to Kickstarter/other crowdfunding platform - Salamander Mech on Kickstarter

    Any Other Info - Not a lot for me to add, so here are pictures of the initial model and also of currently unlocked stretch goal weapons/upgrades. Personally I'm tempted but I'll be waiting for near the end to see how many weapons and things come along as while $40 for a 12cm high chunk of resin is good, it's even better when you have additional free weapons.


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    Not bad but I think it needs bigger feet. That's a lot of weight concentrated on teeny toes.
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      Agreed. I'd say that the legs need to be beefed up in general. Can't say I'd be excited either way though. Stretch goals, addons and exclusives are a huge turn off for me.
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