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matty1001's Hair colour swatches

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  • matty1001's Hair colour swatches

    As it appear the original link is dead, I've copied what I could find here (hope Matty doesn't mind)

    Here is a range of hair swatches I have created for painters to reference whilst painting different shades of hair.
    All the photos have been paid for by me, so I own the royaltys. Feel free to download them, but do not use them for financial gain (this is just to cover my back.)

    Dark ginger

    Light ginger

    Light brown

    Dark brown


    Light blond


    Oooh. That's a BINGO!
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    Very cool; thanks!
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      what colours do I used for baldys :)
      Peace James


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        Awesome! TY Vern! Loved that link...
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          Excellent Vern Thanks!
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            I was looking for that just the other day...


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              Seen it before but didn't bookmark it. Great reference, thanks for the linkage.


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                just for men!!
                nice job Vern thanks
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                  How did I miss this thread? Excellent and useful post.

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                    Great reference - could I be really cheeky and ask someone to write down the colours? I'm struggling to see them properly


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                      Wow, this is an amazing reference! Thanks so much for re-posting this, I'm definitely going to bookmark it! Very useful!!! :)
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                        Tux, have you tried colorcop? A handy little tool that allows you to sample colours from an image and gives you the RGB numbers and the colour reference which you can then use to recreate the colour on screen or within another application or use to compare with manufacturers charts.

                        A community driven repository aimed at the whole miniature painting community.
                        Contributions can be made directly in the Wiki or by contacting the admin team here.


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                          ooo now I haven't - use linux, but I think GiMP has a similar feature - thanks Ulfgrimr