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Ebay Selling - Hints and Tips.

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  • Ebay Selling - Hints and Tips.

    here are a few pointers fo people new to selling on ebay.

    1) your title is one of your main tools so use it well. try to get as many keywaord in as you can. Ebay actually has a list for thee hottest search words for each group (wii being top overall)
    here is a link:
    now if we go through the catagories right up to warhammer section it shows the top searchwords people use.
    number one being ARMY,

    So this helps show how people search. Few people go through catagories, most type in a word in the search box.
    so i was selling Gandalf i would put the title as:
    GW Lord of the rings Gandalf painted by GD Finalist os something like that. you may have to play around to fit it inputting GW and GD arent as good as the full words, but they do get searched and it maximises the space.
    Dont bother with subtitle, you dont need it.

    2. pictures, dont pay for ebay picture packs, your wasting money. if you have one picture its free anyway. If you have two or more then create a montage and link using photobucket or add the link into your description.
    You may if you are selling a demon winning diorama want to go for a picture pack but for most of us with lesser quality single figures it just eats up profit.

    3. the only other thing you should pay extra for is international visiblility at 2p (in the uk) increases your audience.
    Buy it now is only valid if the first bidders uses it. if they dont and place a bid as per usual then the buy it now disappears.

    4. ship worldwide - it doesnt cost much more and exchange rates mean some countries are better for bargains than others.

    5. always add a link for things like favourite seller and other items, it increases your sales and starts to build you a following which really helps in the long run.

    6.there is some debate on the best time to start an auction but its widely held to be around 6-8pm on a thursday. The reason being is that when you use a 10 day listing (i always do) your auction gets shown over two weekends and more importantly finishes on sunday evening, peak time for ebay buyers!. if your auction finishes at 4am you wont do so well!!

    7. Sell your item. you need good photos and good description (remember the description is used for searches as well, so this is a chance to add more keywords in that you couldnt get in the title). Let buyers no it isnt dipped. Tell them its varnished so is good for gaming. That it has a custom base or conversion that make it unique. Sell yourself. I always put golden demon finalist now i am. It helps pull people in and pushes up the price (wait till i actually win one!!) not being a finalist? no problem, let them know about another competition you won, GW London store comp or top in catagory at salute. you dont need to lie about it but sell yourself in a good way.

    a quick word on pro-painted, it is a top keyword so can help but in my view serious buyers shy away from listings with it in and they tend to have more money than a 12 year old that will be swayed by 'pro-painted'. Its your choice.

    8.payments. I always offer paypal, yes you have to pay but its worth it, much less hassle. I would stay away from cheques, money orders, etc unless they are from someone in your own country, otherwise you can get stung by the bank for cashing it.
    ALWAYS wait for payment to clear before sending the item. (paypal is cleared as soon as they pay)
    Avoid wire transfers such as western union, moneychex etc, they are widely used for scamming.
    If your unsure, then stick with paypal

    9. starting price. again personal preference but the higher the starting price the more your fees are. a 99p starting price will get you more bidders interested. a low starting price is a risk though, and sometimes things wont sell for as much as they should. i tend to go with 4.99 - 9.99 although for minis i didnt mind keeping i put them at 29.99. it really is down to how much you would be happy with weighed against the risk of not selling.
    Ebay is a lottery, all you can do is try and better your odds.

    10. keep your postage reasonable. high postage puts people off. I generally charge £2- 3 for a single mini and add a £1 or so if its international. dont forget you are are charging not just for actual postage cost, but the cost pf packagin (recyling packagin will help your costs) cost of petrol going to the post office etc.
    I think thats it and this is my first ever 'article' so i hope it isnt too confusing and long winded.
    If anyone else has another hint or view then please share it.
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    This is just the trick! Thanks for posting amigo!
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      Sounds good Brett, I'm trying to think of anything you may have missed, and I cant really. Just remember to anticipate questions and answer them in the description and work out the postage before you put it on ebay, don't estimate you could be out of pocket.


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        cheers tux, ive added a couple more points in there
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          Well put together post DL, should help the Ebay beginners loads.
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            Hey, here's something that I think is a good consideration. A dude over on CMON pointed out that I had to add shipping rates or NOBODY will bid. I think that's an accurate assesment of things as well.
            "Who needs weights? Animals don't lift weights, and animals are STRONG!"
            -Chuck "the Truck" Wallace