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    Hi Guy

    Let me introduce a little project:

    "...Everything was leave that place, to close it with no locks so that someone else could loose himself inside. He was confident about it.
    No more in that unholy garden! no more strange ideas! no more little beings ! no more unrelenting colors obsessing the mind night and day!
    Outside, he was a commoner, one of the people, but Inside, mystical forces burned through him, nurturing his creativity, journeying through time and space itself.
    It was during those feverish travels that he worked, he created, he played and his ideas took form
    He was a seasoned man, but inside that garden time was island between Fib Alley and Woodpecker Lane...right inside the productive center.
    It was time to get rid of all those strange ideas and become an more games...he had to fit in the common daily life
    So that's how he got out, through the iron gates in which a terrible name was wrought, Hysteria Yard.
    He shed one little tear, probably caused by the wind, that's what he told himself.
    He walked away to home, leaving behind that garden..."

    "...The day was dull as usual.
    Nor rain, nor sun and people minding their own day to day business.
    Three young men, from different quarters of the City, walking.
    They were roaming the streets, not looking for something particular, without knowing they were sharing the same thought of doing something, of doing something that would give them scope,they felt it inside, but they didn't find the right approach.
    In their minds that idea was fleeting, hardly determinable or almost explainable.
    They kept walking, in the grim grey daylight.
    They bumped in each other, as if it was destiny or the same shared idea acting like a magnet, in front of a little rusty iron gate, between Fib Alley and Woodpecker Lane.
    The three men were rather nervous, willing to share their thoughts so they decided to sit somewhere and talk.
    And just behind the gate stood a little garden with benches, tables and fountains, maybe in the past it had been a magnificent place, a little green eden, where people could sit and enjoy a calm and nurturing environment.
    Anyhow decay took hold of that place, no locks to the gate, poison ivy growing unchecked for years concealing the entrance.
    They stepped inside, burning with curiosity, and they uncovered a streetsign in the wrought iron...Hysteria Yard."

    progetto hysteria per wamp.jpg

    And here we are in Hysteria Yard..
    We met because we shared the same passion.
    We coveted the same thing: little pieces of canvas, be they metal, plastic or resin.
    We have got a lot of different Ideas, but We agree on few things: painting, art and sharing.
    There are no secrets, there are no mystic techniques, there is no Secret Order of The Mystic Wannabe.
    We'd like to share with you our passion, our opinions and our works.
    We decided to bide our time, and now we reside together in Hysteria Yard..

    ..We are open, come and join us!

    See ya!
    Hysteria Yard Team
    My CMON gallery:

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    Been and joined! Now on my favorites as well. Welcome to the blogosphere!