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  • A note regarding Black Tree Design

    I know many people have had problems with BTD regarding their seemingly random dispatch times. Sometimes they take days, sometimes they take months. Despite this I thought I'd take advantage of their latest sale to pick up a couple of Daleks as the Doctor Who stuff isn't usually marked down with the rest and I wasn't all that desperate to have them immediately.

    Delivery this time only took a couple of days, which is nice, however the online cart program didn't apply any of the discounts from the sale when taking the money from my account and I was charged the full amount of 9.00 without my knowledge. I phoned them about this and the guy promised to send me a postal order for the overcharging, no sign of it yet and I don't expect I ever will see it to be honest.

    Not only that but as the company seems to be administered from America I appear to have been charged for converting the funds into dollars. There is no mention of this whatsoever on the terms and conditions page of their website. Instead of 7.37 inc. postage for two miniatures I've been charged 10.51. It's not a huge amount by any means but it is over 40% more than I ought to have paid. I've emailed them about it but going by their track record I don't expect an answer. It's not really worth taking to the bank either but I thought I'd take the oportunity to warn folks away from them again.
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    Same old same old thanks for the heads up
    Oooh. That's a BINGO!
    This is grapeshot. This is what it does.


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      This was happening before...I wouldn't buy from them...there are still issues reagrding thsi company and tehy should be avoided...

      Ryan Dancey, Vice President of Wizards of the Coast, believed that TSR failed because of "...a near total inability to listen to its customers, hear what they were saying, and make changes to make those customers happy."


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        Thanks for the heads up. I really appreciate it when folks go out of their way to give a warning to the rest. Thanks, Undave!


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          thanks for the heads up. thats dodgy as hell.

          If you need some muscle in the US, lemme know.


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            Shame because they've got some nice stuff. I had one of those "6 months delivery" a couple of years ago with them for just 2 dwarves blisters. Real shame...
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              Many thanks for the 'heads up' Undave.

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                Ah.. another BTD thread. Lots of these on The Miniatures Page... from LOTS of unsatisfied customers.

                Originally posted by warhammergrimace View Post
                This was happening before...I wouldn't buy from them...there are still issues reagrding thsi company and tehy should be avoided...
                Unless of course you want to paint old Doctor Who stuff, which they have in abundance. I buy small orders from them, expecting to see the product in a month, and ignoring any sales etc. (which they have constantly on different things). I mean, if I really want a few Daleks, why do I care if I'm paying a few bucks more for them? But there are certainly many more reliable places to buy ancients/WW2 etc.

                I have heard that larger orders can take bloody forever to arrive, as in six months or more. If this happens with ANY seller, simply ask your credit card for a charge back.
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