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    Still pretty new to this ebay hustle and a guy is bidding on LCB pretty agressively has a 0 rating and I'm nervous. I know anyone with any rating can burn you (happened to me about a year and half ago, dude gave me negative feedback after it took him 3 weeks to pay me $6.50, WTF?! and as a seller there's not much you can do about it I've found)

    I'm curious what other people would do or reccomend? I'm actually considering videotaping me putting it in the box sealing, it and dropping it in the mailbin. All in one shot so if they try and pull a fast one I gots the evidence on tape! Wonder if that would even hold up in ebay court.

    Just wondering if any of you more experienced fleabaters had any words of wisdom.

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    I don't let people with 0 feedback bid to begin with, simply because of too many problems in the past. Where are they located? Since you are in the US, about the only way you can protect yourself from a fast one is signature delivery with insurance. That way they have to sign for it and it's the *only* form of proof that ebay/Paypal will take that you shipped and they received the auction item. Paypal will not accept delivery confirmation of proof of mailing or delivery of the item, video or anything else under the sun. Both ebay and paypal pretty much ebay consider it your problem if it is lost in the mail. I would take the vid, simply because it will prove you put the item in the box should they try that (not that paypal or ebay will care but the USPS certainly will for mail fraud if they claim there was nothing in the box). Wherever it is going get a signature delivery on it, especially with the cost!
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      Do I have the right to cancel a bid from someone at any time? Or do I have to say I don't accept 0 rated buyers in the aution?


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        You should have the right to cancel bids if you want to for any reason. There's a hidden option somewhere on ebay (it takes some digging in the sellers preferences) where you can set your preferences so no 0 buyers, xx amount of nonpayment disputes, etc people can bid on any future auctions.


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          I have had a dead beat bid 20 times a $1.00 increment on an item and he had a zero rating and of course he never paid. I think if there is a guy doing that on your items there is a way to cancel his bids. Also, make sure it's not that other guy who has the other LCB listed for $205. I think he had that same item listed for $500 a week ago, so go figure he is trying to raise the price so peeps would bid on his. Watch out for the shill bids and cons, there are plenty on that site.

          Here is a link to ebay on shill bidding policy.


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            I canceled his bids and blocked him.

            Thanks for the info folks. I'd rather make less and keep it than pay more and have it pulled back. Dude started an ebay acount the day after I started my auction. Honestly I never even searched for items in the auction house to see the price of similair items. Where's my WOW skill now? I wonder if it was the guy at $400 and I pissed him off so he's sniping my auction. sigh.... fuggin losers all up in my life at work, and ebay. Piss off!


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              I've sold a huge amount on eBay over the years and this kind of thing used to happen from time to time. I learnt that the best way was to email them through eBay saying if they don't contact me in response I would cancel their bid due to people with 0 feedback not paying in the past. 9 times out of 10 I didn't get a response so I would cancel their bid and add them to by blocked bidder list (this is also hidden - do a search for it on eBay). Sometimes I would get a lovely reply and would have a good transaction.

              Hope this helps and good luck.


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                I've only ever had 1 problem with ebay. I bought a used laptop on there that was a very sweet deal. Well, the seller decided that it was a perfectly lovely idea to slide the laptop into a box and mail it with no padding or protection whatsoever- just a laptop in a box! Needless to say, it was DOA. She threw a huge hissy fit when I told her I wanted a refund and it got even worse when I went to Paypal about it. Luckly my neighbor is in IT, so he sent them an official letter detailing how it was a broken POS. Oh, I also paid for next day delivery, which was one of her options, and she sent it by normal priority mail. Thankfully I got all my money back.

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                  I've never had a problem with 0 feedback buyers, I tend to watch bidding patterns and if someone goes a bit bonkers I'll cancel that. As its high value I think you've made a good call to bin and block in this case though. Its more the behaviour than the feedback for me, good call.

                  Some 0 feedback buyers are posting ID users trying to get some feedback, the rule you have to have ratings to use the forums came in fairly recently on Ebay UK and its been in the US for a while, they don't usually buy higher priced stuff.


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                    I haven't had any issues with people paying on ebay for my figs; but I do appreciate the advice people have put up here. I didn't know you could block bidders and reject bids!!! I hope that nothing bad happens to ya Neat!!
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                      Ha ha, think you're being a bit harsh there mate, but I suppose you have doubts ...
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                        HE'S BACK!

                        Bidding on it again today. I'm guessing ebay reactivated him since my justification for canceling his bid was 0 rating and technically thats not really allowed? I think it has to be at least -1. I sent the person an email and will report back. Hopefully its a real person and its all good.


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                          Hm. It's allowed. Well the easiest way when they find a way around it or anytime you have any bidder you don't want, add them to the blocked bidder list. That ends any ability to bid or get around any other restrictions you set in the preferences short of creating a new account to bid, which they are not supposed to do if blocked. is the hidden link for that. There is also a link on that page for exceptions if you know someone from WAMP or elsewhere that would normally be blocked by your preferences.


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                            My understanding is that deleting a bid from someone with 0 feedback isnt really allowed whereas deleting a bid from someone that failed to reply to an email is acceptable. Having said that I don't think there would be problems for whatever reason you give.


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                              You can block anyone from bidding that you choose to, its a no no not to sell to someone when an auction finishes but its your choice to block people if you like.

                              I'd also block them..returning to bid having been asked no to is a sign of someone being pretty annoying.