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    DO you findign competition painting helps or hinders your painting? Does the extra stress push you to try harder and increase your skill level?
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    Helps. But there's no extra stress, no stress at all in fact because I'm not competitive just enjoying the fun of entering the competitions. I'm always looking to try something new or a different approach but whether it affects my skill level is debatable

    I'll leave the stress to the rest of you - the wag is soooo laid back he's almost horizontal...
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      Helps! It's one of the main reasons I paint and definitely what gets me to try new things.


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        Yeah same here. I find it helps push your skills and who doesn't enjoy bettering thier abilities?


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          Helps... mainly because I never get around to painting anything otherwise (except the odd studio figure).


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            I've never partecipated in a competition, but I hate having a precise time to paint a miniature, so maybe I would answer "hinders" (well, after having searched this word in my dictionary - a new one for me - hinder sounds good...)
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              Having a deadline is a HUGE help for me. Weather it's a tournament that requires a fully painted force or a painting contest not much else will get me to paint.

              As such they really help me out. :D

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                I find it helps because it gives me a goal to work towards and a reason to really push my skills. Sometimes the deadline just isn't enough time, but that's life.

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                  Sorry to sit on the fence but I'm going to say both. Sometimes I find it a great help for my motivation to have the deadline to work to. On the other hand I'm not the worlds quickest painter and like to have my projects planned in advance, having the list of forthcoming contests and deadlines really helps in this. Real life also gets in the way at times and I hate committing to a project and then not meeting the deadline. I should probably be a little more easy going about it .

                  I find the competitions here on WAMP have given me an opportunity to paint miniatures from manufacturers I might not necessarily have tried and seeing/discussing other entries has definitely been beneficial and I feel my painting has improved as a result.

                  On balance I'd say a qualified yes.

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                    If I'm honest, I reckon it hinders me now.

                    It used to be that I threw the kitchen sink at a full competitive entry, whereas now I have to try and second guess the nature of the competition...
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                      I try to paint to the best of my ability most of the time, if i feel the piece is good enough i may enter it into a comp...but as i only do 1 comp a year, selection of what to enter can sometimes be a bit on the hard side. ..... commence blanket bombing!!


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                        Twice now the net-gremlins have eaten my post! ngghhhh

                        Brett - yes, but not in the way you might think. And stress, what's that? This is a hobby right?


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                          I find that it definitely helps you improve. You're trying new things / pushing yourself to do better.
                          On the other hand, once you start competition painting and seeing your own improvement, it's hard to go back to army-horde-painting. You keep wanting to do a really good paint-job and that takes time and hinders you churning out rank & file troops.


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                            I've been told as much too lol. My mates are boggled at the amount of work i put into my TT stuff. I learnt a lesson with the 80 odd dwarves ive just finished painting, as even though they're really simple i was still blending the rank and file troops! Personally I don't find it hard as such at all to go back to it, as I dont really like or see the line between tt/display. Ive painted far better TT stuff than some of my display work. Its just a concious effort to balance the time vs quality thing that creates pidgeon holes for techniques (but lets face it there is certainly a time and place for perticular methods obv.)

                            Refinement of tehnique will allow for alot more niceness in yer armies without sacrificing your time.

                            My space wolves are pretty elite and small comparatively, so that allows me to put a bit more effort in. There's really no need for it, but i'm only ever gonna do them once so I wanted even the grunts to be cabinet-worthy at least.

                            So yeah I spose that is right, though my display painting started as a result of wanting to improve my TT stuff while a gamer at first. Will happen either way with any applicably transferrable skills, and is just human nature to try instead of be, and to impart what we know and are comfortable with onto what we actually want...


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                              I'm primarily a gamer so all the minis that I paint will find their way into my games. Usually upcoming tournaments are the primary driving force for me to get painting done but for those it is usually rank-and-file tabletop quality painting. The painting competitions give me motivation to spend some extra time on single figures, usually characters or centerpiece models for my armies.

                              That said, since joining here I have definitely seen an improvement in my tabletop stuff as well, and I think it is a direct result of the techniques I've picked up through the competitions and tips I've received here. I recently added some dwarfs to a unit that I had painted years ago and I really had to try hard to dumb-down my painting so the new models wouldn't look out of place in the old unit. I suppose I could re-paint the whole unit but then that unit will stand out and it starts an endless cycle with the 6000 points of dwarfs I have in the army, then I'd have to continue that on to my bretonnians and wood elves and high elves...