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    Here at The Basement we just couldn't keep a great bit of news to ourselves any longer so we thought what the hay and decided to spread the good word.

    Following on from the MasterClass featuring Adrian Hopwood and Mark Taylor in February we have managed to secure another great modeller and painter for a two day MasterClass later in the year, Euro Best Of Show winner Chris Clayton.

    The date for Chris's MasterClass is yet to be finalised, so if you would be interested in joining us on the agreed weekend then please email us at so we can keep you up to date with information as it becomes available.

    Booking for Chris's MasterClass will be taken in second quarter 2011.

    Watch this space for more exciting news as there yet more to come in the new year.

    Happy Painting

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    Cheers Robin, e-mail sent
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      Thanks. Definitely interested. Sent you and email.

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        Many thanks Robin, e-mail sent.

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          Thanks Robin, Email sent


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            Nice (email sent too), that Ogre, ork troll thingy is one of my favourite ever Euro entries.


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              Might just have a stab at this, hope I can get time off work when the date's decided :D
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                I may very well be over in the US at the time so I guess I'll have to leave it until more details are known.
                The eyes!, the EYES!!

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