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Looking for the artist 'CG' who painted some FreeBooter miniatures in 2016 & 17

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  • Looking for the artist 'CG' who painted some FreeBooter miniatures in 2016 & 17

    Hi, I recently purchased some painted Werner Klocke FreeBooter miniatures, but cannot locate the artist? The bottom of the bases on a few have the logo of a C over a G (interlocked) painted in white on them. I'm in the UK, so assume the artist is more likely UK based. I did do a fair bit of searching, and found 'cgminipainting' (who are Canadian), Great! I thought, but upon contact, and sending them images of other work by, it appears......? the same artist, they had nothing to do with them? Does anyone here know who the artist could be? Does the CG signature jog anyone's memory? I like the style, and it would be good to know who it is, as one, they need touching up due to game knocks, but also awhile back I was looking to commission someone, but couldn't find what I liked. I ended up painting a load of D&D miniatures myself, so a good and bad situation over all, it got me painting again!

    I did think to post this on a forum I spent a fair bit of time on in the past, but it no longer really exists. I popped a post on a US forum, but thought to try here. I've bought nice painted items in the past, but often the artists name is lost, which is a shame, as it is nice to know for when I pop my clogs, otherwise it is lost to history. I bought these to game with, but in future if I wanted a few more, it would be good to know who did them?!

    If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

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    can you post up a photo or two? Might help us recognise them. Ill have a think see if I might now them as it does seem to be ringing a little bell
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