Hello, fellow Wampers! I hope to see you at Capital Palette 2014, coming up Labor Day Weekend, 28-31 August, at the NOVA Open gaming convention in Washington, D.C.

Capital Palette is a qualifier event for the Crystal Brush, which means that the Best in Show winner will receive a prize package which includes his or her choice of $100 in CMON store merchandise, or round-trip airfare to compete at the Crystal Brush Awards 2015 at the Adepticon gaming convention in Chicago, where you can compete for the Crystal Brush's $10,000 top prize!

Capital Palette grew quickly in its second year in 2013, tripling in size from its debut year to include 32 artists and 132 entries. And the quality of entries was superb, as you can see here and here. Building on this fantastic growth and success, NOVA Open is expanding prize support this year for our Silver and Bronze winners!

• Sci-fi
• Fantasy/Alternate Reality
• Historical/Modern

In each category, there are subdivisions of:
• Small Single (Characters, individual infantry/cavalry models, etc)
• Large Single (Monstrous creatures, vehicles, etc)
• Collection (Squads, Dioramas, Artist's portfolios of miniature, etc)

In addition to the nine podium awards, NOVA will also award a Fan Favorite, as well as the aforementioned Best in Show.

Also, be sure to check out the Hobby Seminars: basing, displays, led lighting, freehand, blending, and much more.

And, of course, NOVA Open is a top-tier gaming convention, with over 750 attendees in 2013. There are tournaments, narrative campaigns, open gaming, and demos.

Four days of gaming! Including organized play for:
• Warhammer 40k
• Warhammer Fantasy
• Bloodbowl
• Warmachine and Hordes
• X-Wing
• Flames of War
• Infinity
• Malifaux

Full details, including registration and hotel information, can be found at NOVA Open’s main site here. Capital Palette competition information can be found here.

Hope to see you there!