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MFCA Valley Forge Show May 10-11, 2013

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  • MFCA Valley Forge Show May 10-11, 2013


    MFCA Show site

    It's that time of year again. This year should be another great show. This show is at the Valley Forge Convention Center (Casino Resort), near Philadelphia, PA. Pictured are some posters made by Matteo Murelli (aka Mu on CMON) who will be back again this year. I encourage everyone to come out and bring figures to display. The show organizers are really trying to grow the fantasy side of the show and are bringing in some very talented painters and sculptors from across the pond. This means that again will be some awesome figures to see. (Last year there was some amazing figures to see!) The show is Friday and Saturday, but you can enter figures on Saturday until noon, so it can be a one day thing. The categories are fantasy, historical, and ordinance with each split into Painters where only the painting is judged and Open for conversions, scratch built, and dioramas.

    The awards are based on the open system, so if 20 people deserve a gold, 20 people get a gold rather than first, second, third place award system. Gold, silver, and bronze medals and certificates of merit are awarded. Don't be intimidated. You're competing against a standard rather than against the other exhibitors. There are best of fantasy, best of historical and best of ordinance awards given rather than one single best of show and all carry equal weight. (The posters are last years best of's.)

    For exhibitors and vendors, there is a hospitality suite on Friday and Saturday nights, open from around 8pm till...everyone is gone, with free soft drinks and adult beverages and snacks. It's a nice place to hang out with the other painters and sculptors, have a few beers and shoot the breeze. Just ask at the show entrance where/what room the hospitality suite is when you enter your figures. The Radisson and the Scanticon are the two hotels attached to the convention center, and the convention center is basically across from Valley Forge National Historical Park, so that's another thing to do while you're there.

    Come on out! It's a lot of fun.
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    More info:

    Schedule of Events:
    Friday, May 10th
    8:00 am: Vendor Set-Up (only)
    11:00 am: Exhibitor Registration and Set-Up
    NOON: Exhibition Opens to the Public
    4:00 pm: Judges Meeting
    5:00 pm: Exhibition Closes - Judging Begins
    8:00 pm: Hospitality Room Opens
    Saturday, May 11th
    8:00 am: Exhibitor Registration and
    Set-Up (only)
    9:00 am: Exhibition Opens to the Public
    NOON: Registration for entries closes
    1:00 pm: Judging Begins for Sat. Arrivals
    2:30 pm: Dr. Scott Stephenson American
    Revolution Center
    3:00 pm: APG Auction
    4:00 pm: Grand Master Meeting
    5:00 pm: Awards Presentation
    9:00 pm: Hospitality Room Opens

    Vendor Information
    Contact: Brad James:

    Exhibit Information
    Contact: Dennis Levy: 856-665-8909
    Admission $15.00 General Admission (good for both days)
    $35.00 Exhibitor Registration
    $25.00 Exhibitor Absentee Registration
    $15.00 Junior Exhibitor Registration
    Includes admission to the show
    (good for both days)
    Children under 12, free of charge


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      Another update:

      I have a list of guys slated to come. Ben Komets, Francesco Farabi (franciuus), Javier Gonzalez Lazano (Arsies), Diego Estaban Perez (dieguete), Mohamed Ait-Mehdi (Mohand), Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee), Kostas Kariotellis (last years Best of Fantasy winner), Michael Kontraros, Christian Hardy, Patrick Masson are planning to come. Quite a list, eh? Now we need the fantasy painters from this side of the pond to represent. There's a bunch of historical guys coming over too...their stuff is cool too. :)


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        Hi Wendy..

        any news or any pics about the valley forge. thanks
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          I just got home tonight, so I have to go through pics still, but Best of Fantasy to Kontraros and Panatogiou (don't know that I spelled it right), Best of Historical to Mike Blank, and new Grand Master is Diego Ruina. Great show as usual.


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            Wendy any chance of a show report and some pics?
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              While I wasn't at the show I did happen upon these two collections of photos from it

              This first set is very nicely done and shows a lot of the gold medal winners, including the best in shows

              This might not look quite as professional, but he did a good job of getting the majority of the figures (~800 photos)
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                Thanks for posting the links to Penny's and Al's photos. Did you send figures with someone? I seem to remember seeing your name.

                I'll try to get organized and write up something after the holiday weekend.


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                  Originally posted by Wendy View Post
                  Thanks for posting the links to Penny's and Al's photos. Did you send figures with someone? I seem to remember seeing your name.
                  Yeah, some friends took up a few figures for me. I entered my gladiator and a napoleonic into historical and bruiser gus into fantasy

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