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Genghis Con 2013 in Denver

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  • Genghis Con 2013 in Denver

    Wanted to put up a quick post and make sure everybody knows about the painting competition at Genghis Con in Denver, as well as a great weekend of gaming at this 34th annual event. Thanks to the peeps at CMON we are on the road to Crystal Brush and Best in Show gets round trip airfare to Chicago for Adepticon. Hit this link for more info!

    Hope to see you in Denver for President's day weekend!


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    Alright! Glad to see this is still going on. I used to go to these as a kid. I won first place one year with my scratch built "whupass wagon!" (now destroyed courtesy of the airlines)

    My favorites were the double blind Axis and Allies games with the axis on one board and the allies on another so you couldn't see what they had where.
    I wonder if Greggory Ison is still kicking around.


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      Been going for a bunch of years now. There is something for everyone. I love playing board games I not familiar with an getting a chance to try them out, as well as learning the rules.