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Seeking Game-Hosts for Demo Day #4 in Glen Burnie, Maryland

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  • Seeking Game-Hosts for Demo Day #4 in Glen Burnie, Maryland

    The Demo Day for Tabletop Miniatures Games continues its tour of the region’s game-stores. We celebrate Demo Day’s one-year anniversary on Saturday, February 23rd, at Dropzone Games, located at the old GW Battle Bunker location in Glen Burnie, MD. Dropzone offers huge space for gaming, painting, and retail. We are practically unlimited in terms of the number of tables we can reserve for the event, so if you want to show off your favorite miniatures game, this is a great opportunity.

    The goal of Demo Day is to to exhibit the breadth of the tabletop miniatures hobby to both new and experienced players, showcasing fresh and classic games alike, which are often played in the shadow of the hobby’s mainstream. These games attract loyal enthusiasts for a variety of reasons, including: richly creative settings, unique genres, novel rules mechanics, beautiful models, sleek game-play, and more.

    So far, we have Game-Hosts planning to run Dreadball, X-Wing Miniatures Game, Dystopian Wars, Dropzone Commander, MERCS, Kings of War, Malifaux, and Warmachine/Hordes (OK, so we’re demoing a mainstream game or two), with good odds to see Dust Warfare, Eden, and Saga. The final line-up will be confirmed as we approach the play date.

    Dropzone plans to open the doors early at 9am, and demos run all day until 5pm. Folks are welcome to continue playing until the store closes at 10pm. The format is open-forum, which means you can demo your game at your own time and pace. As players request to join, either add them to the current game, if able, or announce when your next game will begin. Game-hosts are expected to provide models, terrain, and accessories for the players.

    Contact WAMP member, Shades, to join the line-up! Or contact Dropzone Games directly at (410) 553-0636.
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    Demo Day was a success! Here's a link to my write-up on my blog.

    And here are some pics for tasters...

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