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Chris Clayton Seminar at FigureWorld 2011

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  • Chris Clayton Seminar at FigureWorld 2011


    In 2010, FigureWorld hosted a demonstrators area, with several top British painters and sculptors working to show attendees how they produced the beautiful pieces that they thrill us all with.

    In 2011 weve gone one step further, and whilst there will still be several highly skilled demonstrators working through the day, there will also be two special seminars hosted by Chris Clayton.

    Chris is well known for his superb fantasy models that he sculpts or heavily converts to produce stunning pieces of such high quality hes won several Golden Demons, three Euro Militaire Gold medals and in 2010 won the Euro Militaire Best of Show for his Dragon Slayer.

    Chris has agreed to host two seminars at the show, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, allowing people the chance to hear him speak about his modelling and some of the techniques he uses to produce certain pieces.

    Each seminar will be approximately an hour long and open to limited numbers ( approximately 30 people per seminar )

    There is a small charge of 3.00 per person for each seminar, and tickets can only be bought on the day at the entrance desk. All profits from this are being donated to charity.

    For those who might be interested in the Chris Clayton Masterclass later in the year, this is an idea opportunity to see Chris hosting a seminar and allows you to see just some of the things that he will be covering in a lot more depth at the weekend Masterclass.

    Late last year Chris began his own kit company, and a display of his painted models, plus a trade stand carrying his products will be at FigureWorld 2011.

    As usual, the Basement team are working to make FigureWorld 2011 an even better event that in 2010; the Chris Clayton Seminars are just one more reason that you should be there.

    The Basement Team

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    Thanks for the update . Sounds a good idea .
    " Griffins could never get though doors because of their own ego"

    "I like to ask questions, to keep learning, however people with big egos might not want to look unsure " - Heston Blumenthal


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      Sounds silly question to ask, but how much of this will differ from the event in November? (or was it October?)


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        October...yes I agree it does sound silly, the seminar is very much a taste, its aimed at showing Chris's thought process than learning any skills, those who attend the masterclass will have two days of interaction and hands on learning, the seminar is 90mins tops with a power point presentation...



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          No worries. That was the impression I got, not thinking it was a silly idea at all to have the seminar at Figureworld though! Looking forward to the day too.