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Ammon miniatures painting competition

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  • Ammon miniatures painting competition

    From the Oz Painters forum, this is a range of really cool minis so should be an interesting comp;


    1. Miniatures entered in the contest must belong to our Ammon Miniatures range. (

    2. You can modify your miniatures as you please as long as you only use Ammon Miniatures parts or sculpt what your imagination needs.

    3. By entering the contest, you allow Ammon Miniatures to use photos of your creations.

    4. Each competitor can only present one entry to the contest.

    5. You can enter your creations from now and until the 15th of December 2011 at 11.59PM (GMT+1).

    6. The winning creations will be announced on DECEMBER 20TH 2011

    7. The jury is composed by Valentin Zak and Allan Carrasco

    8. Please send your submission (high definition pictures if possible):


    1st prize:

    -gift voucher of 100Ä on the Ammonís store

    -the winner will see one of his ideas of character (design, name...) sculpted and added to the Ammonís range

    2nd prize:

    gift voucher of 50Ä on the Ammonís store

    3rd prize:

    gift voucher of 30Ä on the Ammonís store

    We are waiting for your submissions!

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    Wow! Such creative figures. It is such an exciting time to be in this hobby. I see the freshest ideas in the sci-fi/fantasy/alternative genre coming from this hobby, easily on par with what is coming out for movies or videogames.
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      I would very much like to browse the selection, but when I choose a language it just loads to a white screen. :(


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        Did you choose whitey language? HA!

        I have a couple from these guys kicking around. Just needed an excuse to do something with them. We'll have to see how quickly I can wage war against my RBG entry.
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          A good opportunity to get this Raoul dwarf painted, although there might be quite a few of them...
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