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FOTO di World Model Expo-Stresa 2014

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  • FOTO di World Model Expo-Stresa 2014

    b]1. Stresa[/b]

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    4. World Model Expo-Stresa 2014, Part 1 (156 foto)

    5.World Model Expo-Stresa 2014,Part 2
    6.World Model Expo-Stresa 2014,Part 3
    Sergey Savenkov
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    thanks Sergey, lokos awesome. On my 'mini bucket list'!
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      What can I say?
      The miniatures’ utopia has come to an end.
      Over 4000 miniatures on display, 900 painters represented, a jam-packed Masters category, sunshine and ballads on the shores of Lake Maggiore, an incredible number of stands, brands and manufacturers represented, without doubt the best miniatures event I’ve ever attended.
      A Best of Show (BOS) claimed by Kostas Karriotellis with a sumptuous fantasy piece. A clear sign from some detractors who had already seen the fantasy category relegated to the corner of a table and the “Best Ofs” handed out by a few lobbyists amongst themselves. I am not advocating for a fantasy BOS at all costs, just that the works of artists who choose to express themselves in an alternative universe are treated equally: Year after year, Histo and Fanta advancing hand in hand to find a balance that benefits everybody! This year was a good example, so let’s keep going in that direction!
      Concerning the judging, being a part of it, I found it clear, precise, and unambiguous. In fantasy and in the categories which I judged, a team of three judges gave a joint score, leaving no room for doubt. Every display received a score, none were overlooked.

      Concerning the “Best of Show”, there were 22 "Histo" judges compared to 15 for "Fanta". To make it balanced between the different “universes”, every judge had to choose (by raising their hand) one "Histo" piece and one "Fanta" piece. Two projects came out well ahead of the field and the final choice was made behind closed doors by the five principle judges. Many people would have preferred a second ballot of all the judges to decide between these two pieces but there it is.
      For my part I also regret during the judging of the open categories, a lack of valuation in the scoring of some projects. The technical quality, while completely praiseworthy, was given too much weight in my opinion.
      I think that the creativity and the expressiveness of certain projects should compensate for a slight lack of technique.
      Conversions and dioramas, and generally the desire of a miniaturist to create a unique piece rather than the nth derivative version of a commercial piece (even if excellently done), should be encouraged with higher scores, so that the competition is a showcase of innovation!
      Sometimes one could be forgiven for wondering if originality and risk-taking might see one nudged off the podia. It’s something I’ve regretted regularly this year, at the World exhibition and at the Crystal Brush, for example. A word to the wise.

      I also sincerely regret that Christian Hardy's name, the sculptor with whom I created "The Enchantress", was forgotten during the podium speech. He deserves recognition from of all those who appreciate his work.

      So apart from these few small criticisms, it was an exemplary competition and judgment.

      Here are some links for the curious:

      See you in 3 years