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  • US Masterclasses?

    Im looking for any information regarding painting masterclasses available in the
    US in the near future. I have approached an artist regarding sponsoring one, but
    Im super impatient and want to attend one faster than I can organize one.

    Also have any of you actually used the miniature mentor videos? The only one that
    seems to always get good reviews is JBT's but I dont know where to find that one.

    Im ravenous for instruction...picture a hungry lion lol

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    The JBT video used to be available from Figone, but their site is currently down. Hopefully someone else knows where it can be obtained.

    I've seen many good reports of the MM videos, but haven't dived into those yet. CMON's Jennifer Haley video looks interesting as well, but I am forced to wonder how much it repeats what was covered in the Dark Sword Jen Haley and Anne Foerster video.

    If you're an intermediate or beginner painter, you'll find the Dark Sword video very useful. There's a review on the Reaper forums: Review

    Also consider Hot Lead's DVD set. Like Dark Sword's, it is geared toward intermediate and beginner painters.
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      I have most of the MM videos, and most are very good. For the complete package I like the Laurent Exposito Mas one with the Wolfen. Others I really liked were teh Todd Swanson weathering video, the Romain Van der Bogaert (sp?), And the sigmar giant one. Most are really good.

      If you're thinking about it, you can get a subscription and download them all in a month. After that I'd personally reccomend not continuing with the subscription as new videos are few and far between.

      I strongly reccomend the JBT video. I think CMON stocks it. At least that's where I got it from.

      In terms of videos the only one I really don't reccomend is the CMON Natalya video. She gets great results but has a different approach to painting that I think would be very difficult to learn, and unfortunately the video doesn't do a great job of teaching how she does it. Things like water to paint ratios, actual colours, and other stuff are done off camera. She's a GREAT artist, and there's some value in just seeing her work but not as much as some of the better instructional videos. I started with JBT's video and keep going back. It's great!
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