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    Hello everybody,

    I would like to do a little advertising for the Miniature Exchange on CoolMiniOrNot. I am current organizer myself and had joined as partecipant in many past exchanges. Partecipants feels that it can be fun to spread the word through other miniature forums to get more partecipants and therefore more fun.

    The point is that a packet of two (or more) miniatures is sent to thefollowng namein the list of partecipants. You can send any miniature: any genre (fantasy, sci-fi, horror, modern, WWI/WWII, historical, etc.), any scale (but mostly 25/28/32mm), any material (metal, plastic, resin) as long as it is unpainted. They do not need to be in original blister/box, just unpainted. And you get back your own bag of miniatures from another subscriber.

    It is NOT a chain letter, it is NOT a pyramid scheme. It is completely FREE for everyone to join and exchanges are not made for money but just for fun. No one gets money for organizing/managing the Exchange, it is just the fun of swapping miniatures between painters / gamers / collectors.

    Also, the waiting time is much shorter. After the Exchange starts, it is over usually in about 1 month, when everyone got his miniatures.

    A wonderful way to peddle minis. Mostly a colorful mix of scrap and quality minis is sent, usually significantly more than the minimum of two miniatures. One can even narrow down where you want to send (e.g. only to Europe, or USA, etc.), if you do not want to pay the postage to South Africa... If something goes wrong and you do not receive your packet (e.g. partecipants disappeared, parcels destroyed, whatever), there is a well stocked miniature reserve from which that person gets something, so it will not remain without his miniatures.

    As I said, I think is a nice thing and everything runs very smoothly. Cute contacts you can still socialize

    All information is here:!

    You can also search past ME threads to see which kind of miniatures were sent during past Exchanges.

    Would be happy to see someone else joining, to make things more fun and interesting for everyone.
    Many thanks for your attention.

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    its a good thing, think a few of us on here have participated over the years
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      Yep, done this in the past. Will have a dig through to see what I have available.
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