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  • 5th dimension community project

    Hey painters,

    I want to present you the 5th dimension community project:
    Different Stiles, Different Colors, One family!


    ...ok,but what is this for a project?

    The project consists of two parts.

    Part one: 20 Night Goblins, converted and painted by 20 different painters.
    We asked friends and painters we know to collect a team of different stiles and proclivitys.
    Everyone received a single Night Goblin with the different pieces for armament.

    This are the painters:
    Micha aka 'Dellolyn'
    Siggi aka 'Barfrau'
    Kyle aka 'Mr. Lee'
    Harald aka 'Moses'
    Simon aka 'Katan'
    Markus aka 'Malekith'
    Arne aka 'Sleipnir'
    Fabi aka 'The Count'
    Pascal from 'Spielbar Trier'
    C'tan from ''
    Melanie aka 'Serafin'
    Julius aka 'The Artfist'
    Fabrizio Schiraga aka 'Schiraga'
    Vlado aka 'Big Panda'
    Manuel aka 'Crazy Wenky'
    Georg aka 'GeOrc'
    Luke aka 'Bloodmaster'
    Daniel aka 'Solmar'
    Daniel aka 'Nathelis'
    Markus aka 'Shejtan'

    In the end we will assembly all this 20 Night Goblins together on one big plinth as a kind of big unit of different styles. For mor informations about part one click >>>here<<<

    Part two:,this part is called: "The goblinarmy wants YOU!"
    The project is nice but we want to let it become global! 20 different styles are not enough. What I want to say is: "...we are ALL ONE FAMILY!" Not only the 20 painters on our list. Every painter, female or male, young or old, pro or beginner,... and all between ;-)
    If you also want to be a part of this project just send us a picture of your goblin (it havn't to be a Night Goblin, every Goblin will be nice) or
    You can use this project for motivation to paint a new or just take a picture of a Goblin you paint in the past. This pictures will be used to creat a poster as backround for the presentation of the unit. More informations about part two click >>>here<<<

    And here is the first WIP post on our blog >>>WIPs<<<

    It would give us great pleasure if you want to be a part of this project.
    Best regards, Michael aka Dellolyn
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