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Costume party Portland OR Saturday 26th

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  • Costume party Portland OR Saturday 26th

    Our new home is Haunted!!

    We are having a costume party Saturday night with all sorts of fun stuff and activities. I know most of you aren't anywhere near me, but I remeber a few of you are close. If any Wampers would like to stop by and have some fun, PM me for more details.

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    haha that's awesome!

    wish I was at least on the same continent as you...
    The best thing my mates & I have done:

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      Pumpkin smashing pinata
      Jello shots
      Haunted house
      Indoor AND outdoor dance floors

      I'm stoked. Been decorating for a while now and still not even close to being done. I just passed out invitations at work, lol. that could get interesting.


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        Your inviting this lot to your all home! Half of em dont even need costumes
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          Have all sorts of fun stuff planned.

          Doughnuts hanging on a string "Zombie eating contest". no hands allowed, first one done wins.

          Everyone gets a poker chip when they arrive, if you get caught saying "Haunted" you get have to give up your chip to the person who catches you, most chips wins a prize.

          "Fish bowl of Fate" If you dare to test your fate, you can draw outta the fishbowl. In the bowl will be all sorts of "tricks or treats" written on slips of paper. Some treats are lotto scratch tickets. Little shooter bottles of booze. Some of the tricks are you have to go kiss someone of the opposite sex on the lips (not your date). Kiss the same sex. Moon the party. Any other embarrasing things you can you think of would be great to suggest.

          Telephone: first person writes a sentence and passes to the next, who has to draw a picture of the sentence, passes the picture to the person who has to write a sentence then pic..... on and on to the last person who has to write the sentence.

          Making pumpkin pinatas tonight.

          Setting up a fire pit in case you need to warm up a lil bit.

          Might do a scavenger hunt thing where we hide 20 random items across the house and yard and the more you collect, the more you win.

          Can anyone suggest any embarrasing party activities to make someone do, or fun prizes/treats for adults? (obviously they can't be too bad or people wont participate)

          I'm going big this year, maybe the best party I've thrown in my 34 year career of partying.


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            Originally posted by NeatPete View Post
            Can anyone suggest any embarrasing party activities to make someone do, or fun prizes/treats for adults? (obviously they can't be too bad or people wont participate)
            Snog a Zombie.

            trick or treat: Get say 8 boxes and cut a small hole in each one just big enough to put a hand in. Put something in each box, could be something nice (sweets) or something not nice (mousetrap, goo or Justin Bieber)
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              take a hat, have everyone put their car keys in, ladies then pick randomly the car keys... that adult enough for you?

              The best thing my mates & I have done:

              Me on Putty&Paint


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                As with life, if you don't have a car, you aint gettin any!


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                  how about the classic pass the sausage balloon? ya know the one? sausage balloon between the thighs cant use hands it has to go between the thighs, its very up close and personal and quite suggestive lol but once ya pass the balloon ya have to down a shot? if the balloon is popped or dropped thats person has to do forfeit? eat something disgusting or drink something mental lol


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                    A couple of classics that are fun for all ages.

                    Chubby Bunnies: All players take it in turns to put one marshmallow in their mouths and say "chubby bunnies." You aren't allowed to chew or swallow the marshmallows. Repeat until players cannot physically fit any more in their mouths or are completely unintelligible. Last man standing is the winner. Make sure to have a bin bag for folks to spit out into or it will make a huge mess.

                    Catch the button: Everyone lies down face up and has a chocolate button placed on their forehead (if you have such things in the uncivilised colonies.) The object is to get the chocolate button into your mouth without using your hands.

                    Threadomancy: Take one teaspoon and tie a length of string to it. Pass the teaspoon down one person's top and up the next until you run out of players. Then thread fruit polos (life preservers?) onto the end of the string and keep going until they reach the spoon.
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                      still think snog a zombie is best
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                        Love the ideas fellas, thanks!

                        I'll def use the sausague ballon pass, thats a great one. Any chance to grind the nethers of strangers who's dressed up as something rediculous is good for me. Especially since my cute real estate agent is going to be there ;)

                        I'll also do a Zombie doughnut eating contest: Hang doughnuts from a string (no hands) and the first person to chomp it down wins.

                        Did the first round of pinata covering last night. (Never made one before) came out pretty well. Balloons covered in paper mache and then hang to dry. Need a second coat tonight.

                        Lots to do but I'm getting excited. and ITS FRIDAY!!!


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                          when I go to the US I am coming to Party at your house.
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                              try and beat this costume:

                              The best thing my mates & I have done:

                              Me on Putty&Paint