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NOVA 2 Day Master Class--Ashburn VA

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  • NOVA 2 Day Master Class--Ashburn VA

    Hey Everyone,

    It's been a couple of years since I've taught in Northern Virginia and people have been asking for another class.

    I will be in town for Christmas and have organized with Huzzah Hobby to hold a class at their game store since they have more than enough space and great lighting. It's going to be December 21 and 22.

    The class is 8 hours each day at Huzzah. We will be in an event space that can easily hold 80 people so we won't be crammed in or uncomfortable. They are really looking forward to hosting the event so I'm hoping a lot of people will turn out for it.

    I'll be providing a miniature for every student and we will go over the following topics plus anything I get questions about at the class.

    Mini Prep--filing, sanding, gluing tricks, priming and when to use different primer colors
    Basecoating--consistency and underpainting
    2 Brush Blending
    Glazing and Layering
    Faces, Skin, Hair
    Color Theory
    True Metallic Metals vs Non Metallic Metals
    Competition painting
    Competition vs display vs tabletop quality
    Palettes: Wet vs Dry Well

    I have space for up to 35 people, the cost is $205/each. A space can be reserved by paying through paypal to or buying a ticket through my store

    Here's the link to the Facebook event for more information
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    Thanks for posting this!! I may just have to check it out! :D
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      Please do! I have tons of space left open for the class. I'd like to make sure as many people as possible can come to the class since several missed the last class and I'm not sure when I'll be able to come and do another one in NoVA.
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