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Miniature Paint Along Event - Weekly From This Point Onwards! Hosted by Skraaal.

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  • skraaal
    New theme is now up! Have fun! :)

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  • skraaal
    The first week and theme has been announced - have fun!

    P.S - When you submit your photos, it would be cool if you would write a brief description as to how and why you chose the miniature you did and what actually makes it connect and relate to the theme provided for that week! ;)

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  • skraaal
    I've had a few comments over on CmoN about this event which I've replied to. I've posted them here in case anyone had similar questions, so that you can see the responses.

    Originally Posted by Dragonsreach
    Well I'm sorry but I will not be taking part.

    While that sounds harsh and negative, it is not intended to be so. I have limited painting time, usually just a Sunday, so for me to dedicate my ONLY painting day to a mini designated by someone else, well I wouldn't get any pleasure out of it. And painting for pleasure is my raison d'etre.

    Doing a specific mini maybe every two months or so MAY be more effective and something I could consider.
    Something to consider that doing this weekly may cause rapid burnout, so please be careful.
    There's no need to be sorry about not taking part DR. I don't quite agree with you in regards to the burnout, but then thats an individual thing, different people will feel differently about painting a miniature per week! The best thing about this though is that I'm not forcing anyone to participate, I'll be doing it myself and if people wish to partake they may, If they don't then thats entirely up to them! So if an individual feels that painting a miniature per week will cause them burn out then I suggest they do not participate as that would be a shame.

    It's a little like a self learning scheme - if you put the work in and participate you'll improve and learn but no one at home is going to force you to try to do so or to even make you pick up the brushes. This is an event that will always be running if people wish to join in then great if not then the only person it'll effect is them. On another note, If you'd like to organize a separate monthly event then please feel free to do so, however this event will be staying as a weekly one.

    Originally Posted by TrystanGST
    The only issue I can see is that if you limit to a specific mini, there has to be a lead up time to allow people to get a hold of that mini. And having to buy a mini just for a paint along may be tough. It's a big part of the reason I stopped competing in the Brotherhood of the Brush at the local GW - buy a $20 GW mini every month for a painting "competition" with no prize and then be stuck with a mini that I have no use for?

    I could see getting in on this every so often, when my desire and the selected mini align.
    This is why I did not limit it to specific miniatures but rather miniatures, genres and themes. The vast majority of weeks, it'll be a theme thats posted rather than a given miniature. Also generally speaking if I do put up a given miniature I'll be choosing one that is easy to obtain and not too pricey. Also if it is a miniature that will be painted rather than a genre or theme where the painter may choose their own model, I'll always be announcing it the week before that particular model is to be painted so that people have adequate time in which to obtain it.

    Hope that gives you a little more information Trystan!

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  • skraaal
    ** Reserved for Week Themes / Miniature announcements! **

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  • skraaal
    * Reserved for Week Themes / Miniature announcements! *


    <Week Number> - <Theme/Miniature Announcement> - <Week and Photo Submission Date>

    Let it begin!

    Week One! - Theme: Nature - Monday 11th February - Sunday 17th February - Submissions Due on the Sunday no later then 23:59

    Week Two! - Theme: Light vs Dark - Monday 18th February - Sunday 24th February - Submissions Due on the Sunday no later then 23:59
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  • Miniature Paint Along Event - Weekly From This Point Onwards! Hosted by Skraaal.

    I think it's time for a paint along;

    Here's the idea!

    I'm always trying to get people to push themselves and improve their painting. Lot's of people do it themselves, others need a little push now and then for motivation. The whole point of this weekly event is to help people get at least one miniature painted per week. Everyone has time or can make time to spend 4-7 hours in a week to paint, and that is all thats needed really as a minimum time to paint a miniature to a decent high table top level. So the task is not impossible if your in the correct mind set.

    Thats where this event comes in. The aim is to push people into painting more than they think they can do. It's not a competition as such as there is no physical prize and there won't ever be. The only prize that you will get out of this, is the prize of improving your painting and your own ability. In this hobby the only thing that is a given, is that if you paint, you will improve, the more you paint and the more frequently you paint the faster and better you will get at it. It's that simple. So in another light this event will help you catalog your journey with each miniature every week your participate. Sort of like a work in progress thread, but one where lots of people are involved in a similar idea, a community work in progress you might say.

    Here are the rules!

    * You have one week to paint the specified miniature. The dates of the seven days will be specified once the miniature has been announced.
    * Only the announced miniature or theme / genre that is announced per week will be permitted to that weeks 'paint along event'.
    * You may use any tools that you have available to you in order to complete your miniature, that means air-brushes, normal brushes, toothpicks - what ever you wish to use you may use!
    * Miniatures MUST be posted with a scenic base, however this base must be no more that 60 mm in diameter (at the actual base), height however has no limit.
    * Anyone may participate as long as the work presented at the end of the seven day period is BRAND NEW WORK. This means that the miniature that is being presented must be work completed specifically for the seven day event and may not have appeared in any other competition or on-line event in it's finished form. Wip's of the miniature are allowed and encouraged for feed back during the painting process.
    * This is not a competition, even though it has competition like rules, do not treat it as one. The only competition here is the one you have with yourself and your own participation in the next paint along event so that you push yourself to improve.
    * Any miniatures that are submitted to the thread after the deadline will not be deemed to be a part of the paint along. The whole point behind seven days is to force you to paint within a specified time frame in mind.
    * By submitting your image in this thread (Which I will be keeping up-to date with pictures of the entries and categories) you give me full permission to use your images and post them on my website and blog: & If your image is used, you will of course be given full credit to the work and mentioned as the artist, I will not in any way claim ownership of your original works and the use of your works on the blog / website will be soley for the promotion of this paint along idea, so as to encourage others to participate and also given that this 'event' will be posted on multiple forums I will also be using my website and or blog as a base for all of the participant's entries to be displayed together so that people may browse through the submitted photos without having to browse multiple forums.
    * Fun is essential, you must try your hardest to enjoy the painting process! ;)

    * Note: I hold the right to amend / alter the rules at my discretion. Any alterations will of course be pointed out so that people can remain up to date with how this all works.

    I hope lots of people take part, it'll be great to see how different people interpret the different themes / miniatures that are given each week! Be creative and challenge yourself! ;)