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  • Shades vs ScottRandom - Voting

    Okay Wampers, it's scoring and feedback time on Shades and ScottRandom's Wyrd Crew Challenge.

    Please give each one marks out of 10 for and some feedback. Scoring will last at least a week, closing no sooner than 3rd April. Scores are for the overall category as Scott and Shades agreed to forgo the theme category. Voters enter scores and comments directly in the discussion thread, as opposed to rating the photo in the Gallery.

    Shades =

    ScottRandom =

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    well, I guess I'm poppin' the cherry on this voting..

    Shades: 8
    Scott: 9


    First of all, I tried my personal view that NMM is not a good choice for steampunk (it's much better for fantasy IMO) not influence my decision (or the grade I gave). so, the crew on the joint pic is looking unified (except maybe maybe Steamborg - it might have been better to put the same tones on his metal parts as you did to the spiders - but that's minor) which is great. The NMM on the small spiders is great as well as on the boiler (brass arachnid - love the mini!!!), the colours compliment eachother. Ramos is also cool - love the way you made him kinda dark as if he is standing behind in a dark alley making the arachnids do his bidding. (it's just after sooo much discussion about his bag and what to do - there isn't a single shot of the bag ) the OSL is much better than on my Ramos so kudos to you
    and now we get to Steamborg - it somehow seems to me that the metal parts do not have enough depth nor enough highlight. thay seem a bit flat as opposed to the metal parts on the arachnids, if you get what I'm saying. That said - the scissors are awesome!
    In the end, it's a great looking crew, great effort and I would love to play against your crew (which to me is really as high a praise as I'd like to get )
    Great job!

    First of all, finally a Perdita crew witout cacti on their bases Love the fact that you used a semi limited pallette of colours on your crew. I've been looking and almost all the colours (or shades of brown) that are on one mini are to be found on all the others which is a great unifing trick. Perdita's bluish top really sets her off and shows who the true boss is. Shading and highlighting is great. really there is no objection to anything on my part (except maybe the back on Papa Loco - it doesn't really show definition - although that could come from the fact that he's in the background of all the photos).

    In the end the comparisson (some of the criteria I usually use for judging minis):
    Size of the project: Shades gets a bonus because he had more models and one huge model so the size of the project IMO should be accounted for.
    Bases: somehow I think both these bases, although made great, are a bit lacking in definition (more highlights/contrast in Ramos' crew and the red dirt is a bit too red for my liking in Perdita's crew). ergo no maximum score for nobody
    Paintjob: Scott I think has the upper hand here, his transitions are smoother overall. Shades you have some great moments in your crew but as I said it's not throughout the crew.
    Overall: As I wrote above, I think Scott's crew is "more unified". the Steamborg (as much as it gave you a point for size) cost you a point in overall appearance of the crew.

    so there you have it, I tried my best to be objectional (which is shown in the fact that I voted for a Guild crew - those who know me, know I can't stand Guild LOL) and to explain my thought process while judging.
    That being said, I'd love to play against both your crews. they are awesome and good job fellas! glad you both got to push yourself in this challenge, as I gather Scott you did a whole crew as opposed to single minis you normally do (correct me if I'm wrong) and Shades - your NMM experiment has succeeded (I envy you as I'm still not brave enough to go down that road)!
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      Well this was always gonna be close!!
      Scott= 8

      Shades-Ramos Crew
      This embodies the steampunk side of MalifauX for me Mechanical spiders and cyborg monsters!! the over all colour scheme for this crew drew my eye to them from the start!! not a lot of people take the time to go the extra mile with Arachnids so its good to see the effort thats put in, The paint job is nice the NMM on the swarm is a good flat tone like machined brass!! although the Paint transitions may have been smoother I feel it has captured its goal nicely! over all a good looking crew!!


      Booooo!! filthy Guild!! really nice paint job and execution!! not a million miles away from the studio minis!! the stand out parts for me well its Perdita's boobs!!! the blue is lovely nice and smooth!! but thats kind of all I get from it!! The crew is uniform and well painted but I find my eyes drawn from the minis to the bright orange bases. very nice PJ but the bases distract my eye!

      So just past the post be a hair length its Shades!!!


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        Shades = 8
        Scott = 9

        This is so close - I'd almost just say it's a tie, but I edge just slightly towards Scott. Her hair, the long duster coats, the pants... all have a wonderful lifelike quality to them. Just so excellently done.

        And then we have the steampunk rusty awesomeness of Shades' crew. Wow - I love the rusty goodness and the fire in the belly of the bigger spider looking thing. Big spider guy has a wonderful living dead grunge about him - love that splash of purple. The blue crystal thing looks like it's glowing.

        Wow - so close. So excellent. My eye just leaned slightly towards Scott's paint job over Shades.. .but oh so close!

        Obviously I don't really know Malifaux at all so have no pre-hatred of one crew or another... ;-)
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          Shades - 9
          Scott - 9

          Sorry to sit on the fence, this one took me a few days to think about.

          Shades - As a crew yours really stood out for me and I really love the NMM and think you pulled it off expertly, considering the miniatures are so small this can't have been easy. The cold contrast provides an arcane quality. Keep in mind that both of you are on at a far advanced stage compared with my own painting so I look at your work as a yardstick. I do feel there are a few areas where you have not spent as much time smoothing the blends and this only stands out with scrutiny.
          Overall a fantastic job that I would be proud of.

          Scott - Your colour choices are spot on and the crew generates as much warmth as shades do cold. Your technique at painting hair is fantastic and makes Perditas hair look absoloutly lifelike. The way you paint leather is also amazing and something im trying to get to grips with myself. Again I forced myself to be picky and critical and the only fault I could find was the bases. I also felt they were a little too bright and the contrast with the miniatures is too sharp.

          I honestly tried to seperate these two and remained objective but basically they are both fantastic so its a shame if only one of you wins....that said it would be brilliant if you can treat us to rematch
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            I really appreciate everyone putting so much thought into weighing our entries. Thanks so much for taking the time to write up such detailed comments, guys. The feedback has been constructive and motivational.

            Does anyone else out there care to throw in? I'm kinda surprised we have only 4 voters out of our globe-encompassing WAMP community. o_0
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              I'll hold this open till Sunday evening to get few more votes in......

              Come on Wampers - Don't be shy!

              (I'll write up some feedback on Sunday too).


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                Hi Guys,

                Here's some feedback -

                Shades -

                It's a lovely group together - they look great as a unit. The only thing that lets it down imo is the purple colour of thay big guys legs - if you had done that yellow to match the spiders it would have been more coherent as a whole. As it stands that purple area (even though it's smoothly painted and has a nice matt / gloss contrast) doesn't seem to fit the mini.

                The spiders (both big and small) are the highlight to me, I think they look lovely. Good colours, perfect edge highlights, interesting colours - I keep coming back to look at them. In fact I'd say these were the best single things in the whole head to head for me. Great job on them!

                With the big guy I like the skin colours but there isn't enough light and dark for me - the highlight is too similar in light dark scale to the shadow - the only major difference is the colour contrast rather than the light dark contrast. I suspect if you turned the picture into grey scale it would be uniformly grey. All that said he does have a cool look to him and really does have character to his face.

                As I said - great job, lovely unit :)

                Scott Random -

                A very coherent squad, using similar colours throughout and they just work together. Very Nice! The hair on the lady is particular highlight of the unit as it's lushly painted - it looks like hair as you've caught it just right. The blue top on the lady also looks really good too.

                With the rest of the figures the browns are very nicely painted (as usual ;)) and have good depth and transitions. The only problem with them is that the browns look a little too uniform and not so interesting. Seeing some blue or red areas glazed in giving some variety and extra interest would have added an extra dimension to the overall scheme. I can't help thinking you need to play with colours more than you are pushing yourself to at the moment.

                The bright bases distract the eye from the mini itself at the moment but I really do like the uniformity of the sand and rocks across the whole bunch. It does help to bring them together as a group - it just needs toning down to my eye.

                As I said earlier, a lovely squad, lovely paint job in terms of transitions etc...

                Scores -

                Shades = 9
                ScottRandom = 8

                Well done fellas - great work all round!


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                  Of course this does mean that we have a draw!

                  I notice that the ladder is still waiting to be rebuilt so once it's up and running I'll submit the scores.

                  Well done guys - it was a close one, too close to call!


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                    Very cool! I like the draw. I think that's what I would have scored myself. :-)

                    Great contest, Scott! <shakes virtual Canadian hand> It was a swell match-up, and I enjoyed the challenge. I still wish more folks would have participated in the voting....

                    Megazord_man, thank you for moderating, and thank you for the detailed feedback. Good call on the dark/light contrast. I certainly had it in mind, and I've been working on pushing value contrast for the last few projects. It helps to know that I still have a ways to go. As for the purple, I was hoping that the blue and violet that's present in the eyes and OSL, littered throughout the Arachnids, would help tie the crew together, but it's kinda hard to see those colors in the other models. The Steamborg is supposed to be an alien artifact, before the Breach, if I recall my fluff correctly, so I thought it would be fitting to show him a little differently. As a matter of fact, I initially tried to work the metals in brass, and I just didn't like the look of it. So I'll take those lumps. ;-)

                    Thanks again! Till next time! Back to scrambling to finish my Crystal Brush entry...
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                      A tie!?!?! Whacky. Thanks very much Shades for the throwdown. I would for sure not have painted those min's if it hadn't been for the motivation of the challenge. Now to eBay them off and invest the money wisely. For sure. Thanks to all who voted and commented. Some good advice there.
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                        Hey, dude, how about I buy them off of you? That would be kinda cool. I could face them off on the Malifaux board and see if it results in a draw, ha, ha! :-) Not to mention, I can see your handiwork up-close and figure out how you achieve those blends. Shoot me a PM, if you're interested.
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                          They were destined for eBay so I have no attachment to them. What's a fair price for them?
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                            Just to make sure, do you have the profile cards? I'll PM you a proposed price.
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                              Congrats to both of you! ^^

                              @mega: I've already entered the scores into the ladder for ya. ^^
                              "what color did you use, red with a black wash?"
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