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Shades v ScottRadom: Wyrd Crew Challenge

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    Both of these are fantastic! Love the contrast between the bases and the figures in both, almost opposite of eachother. The bright orangeish-brown and green plants with the dusty, worn Ortega crew and nice spots of color on them and then the dark bases with the bright spots of color on the figs. Both make me want to stare more.

    Great looking leathers Scott, and Shades I'm jealous of the brass NMM. I can't seem to get brass to look right with metallics, let alone NMM.
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      Don't worry, I'll set up a voting thread when I get home this evening as doing it on my phone at the moment is going to be a struggle!


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        Thank you, Megazord! In case you missed it earlier in the thread, Scott and I wish to have Open voting with only the Overall category, no Theme category. Thanks!
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