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[VOTING] Plarzoid v waghorn41 - Fantasy

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  • [VOTING] Plarzoid v waghorn41 - Fantasy

    Category: Fantasy
    Single mark out of 10, please.

    Voting will be open for one week (4/23-4/30)


    Click for bigger version


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  • #2
    ok here goes:

    Plarzoid 8/10
    nicely painted little piece. I think pushing the hilights more would make it pop that bit better.

    The WaggaMonster 7/10
    Another great piece, I have commented elsewhere on this in more detail. Lovely sheer effect. I think a stronger base would push her up a notch

    Good work folks
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    • #3
      Plarzoid 8/10
      I like her eyes and the wood detail on the staff. The red is pretty solid as well. Nice job

      Wag - 7.5/10
      The sheer effect is really good. The skin might need some more shadowing, but I have the same issue with judging that. I would have liked to see more of a close up of her face to see the eyes. From what the picture looks like to me, they look square, but I could be wrong as well. Still an excellent job on the piece.



      • #4
        Plarzoid: 8.0 I love the staff, some nice details. Maybe some attention to the base?

        Wag: 8.0 I can't dwell on the flaws too much (base and need for further highlighting) because the sheer effect is boss.
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        • #5
          Plarzoid - 7.5/10
          Good work, in general. I especially like the glowing runes. As Darklord said, some more contrast would benefit this model. I can see that's not easy, on a smooth miniature like this, though. Also try to get the contrast to play to your benefit. More contrast where you want focus; right now the pink seems to pop more than the rest, probably due to brighter highlights, which is a little distracting. Your base also could use a little more cleanness and some richness in contrast and colour.

          Waghorn - 7/10
          As I said earier (I think on your WiP thread), you've shown great improvements in this model in comparison to your last. More feedback in that specific post.

          Great work, both!
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          • #6
            Plarzoid 7- Nice work and good work on the runes
            Wag 6- Overall good work
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            • #7
              Plarzoid - 7
              I like the painting very much, hate the choice of mini, though...

              Wag - 8,5
              I think it's one of your better paintjobs, mate. The see-through blouse is great.
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              • #8
                I dont like the mini but its painted well enough, nice paint job for the style will give this 7/10

                This is a strong PJ from you mate it made me want to try the same mini, the sheer effect won it for me 8/10


                • #9
                  Plazord: 6. I like what you did with this mini, the glowing runes and the eyes especially. Everything else has already been said.

                  Wag: 7. The sheer effect sold me on this mini, as well as what looks like freehand. The face imo could use some cleaning up but honestly I didn't notice that until I looked at it with a more critical eye.
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                    Voting is very close on this, keep the numbers rolling in wampers.

                    Thanks for the enthusiasm on the sheer and freehand - the sheer was easy, the freehand much more demanding.
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                      sheer is easy? lol show off!!


                      • #12
                        Plarzoid: 7
                        Clean lines and colors, befitting the mini. Nice wood-grain on the staff.

                        Wags: 6.5
                        A more challenging mini to paint, IMO. Definitely score points for the free-hand. I think a little more shading and lining would bring out the character of the model even more. Steady improvement.

                        Nice contest, guys. Thanks for keeping the Ladder active!
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                        • #13
                          Wow, guys, it's a flat tie right now!
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                            Originally posted by Normski View Post
                            sheer is easy? lol show off!!
                            everything is Easy for the Wag.

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                            All we know is he's called The Wag!
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                              Alright, it's been a week. Thanks everyone for the voting and feedback.

                              By my count, it's a tie - 65.5 to 65.5!
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