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Normski and PhatKid's "Bust Up" Voting

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  • Normski and PhatKid's "Bust Up" Voting

    OK Guys!! you know the drill!! 1= Poor 10=Good Stuff!!

    Each vote with Constructive Crit and Suggestions please..

    PhatKid's Entry

    Normski's Entry

    Please go to Our Smack Talk thread for more Images If you need more angles

    Thanks Guys We look forward to your thoughts!!

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    ok, sculpt-wise of the two dudes, I like the bearded lady more, though I'll try the fact not to influence me too much.

    love the leathery/spandex torso. really nice colour fluidity there. great job. name tag is also cool but the plinth itself I don't like.
    as I mentioned, the model is hidious LOL, but the makeup kinda fits her/him (sorry she looks more male than David Bowie), and the stark makeup accentuates her masculinity - which I dig (hmm. where am I going with this. stop, Marko, before you say something you'll regret or something Normski will make you regret...)
    skin colours I like, the fact that you actually don't like how you paint flesh astounds me as I'd like to be able to paint that way LOL - but there is still place for improvement.

    unlike Normski's I actually like the model painted here. first, plinth is much more suited (although I kinda regret you didn't align that piece of cloth underneath). the sign is however not so good as Normski's. the fact that the Gem is not centered kinda pokes my OCD eye... (if you had only drawn a gem there in the upper right corner...)
    Paintingwise - I like your face better than Normskis dude. love the vein popping, and also his wrinkles are really nicely done.
    Not sure about the colour of his shirt though..

    so, to conclude - is that I can't decide. So I'll both give you 8,5 and let some other sod decide for me :-P

    Well done guys and just to make sure:

    Normski - 8,5
    PK - 8,5
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      Alright, now I'm back on the ladder I suppose it's only fair that I start joining in with the voting again. Just so you know, if I give you a lower score than most folks it doesn't mean I think your stuff is crap. It has to be exceptionally good to warrant a 9 out of me and only the most impressive mini in the universe would ever get a 10.

      I'll come right out and say it, I really hate the mini. Now that's over with I can say what a good turd polishing job you've done The clothing has come out well and so has the skin tone. The whites of the eyes could do with a little variation in colour but otherwise you've got the irises sorted. It's a good solid job, the colours are well chosen and the make up helps to improve the looks of the sculpt somewhat. What would have pushed it for me is a bit of freehand to compensate for all the flat areas. IIRC this is your first bust and you were a bit leery of messing it up if the added bells and whistles went a bit wrong so it's definitely something to aim at for future projects.

      Great skintone and the variations in the beard colour work well. The boz eyed squint is a great touch and really conveys the concentration he's giving the gem. The big downside for me is the choice of colour on his clothes. They're way too bright and distract from the focus areas of the mini and completely overwhelm the OSL round the gem. Other than that and possibly making the metal bits in the beard pop a bit more I can't really fault it.

      I give Norm a 7.5 and Phatty an 8. Good show gents! Norm has the edge in colour choices but Phatty's just has that bit more character to it.

      Of course if either had been wearing a paper pirate hat I may have been moved to award a 10...
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        I pretty much concur with what everyone else has said. Yeah, a bit of a cop-out, but, really, I have nothing else new to add.

        To keep things interesting, I'm going to flip Undave's score and keep you guys tied neck-to-neck. :-) Although I will say that model-wise, I would much rather have the dwarf on my shelf, rather than the androgynous keyboard player from Flock of Seagulls.

        Pressure's on for someone out there to break the tie....bwahaha....

        Normski - 8.0
        PK - 7.5
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          I think the painting is equally good,and agree pretty much with the other comments,so...

          Normski 8
          PK 8


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            Marko!! are you trying to tell us something? does your lass have to worry? lol

            LMAO!! Undave has such a way with words!! having a good giggle at the turd polishing!

            My model choice was for ease really! nothing too intricate! well that what I thought lol but it turned out to be a bit of a pig to paint, If I go for another bust it will be a fantasy one or a more busier bust! so many flat surfaces was a challenge to say the least! the idea of free hand still puts me off as Im not confident in my brush control! so thats one of the reasons I didnt go the extra yard! but I agree that it would have broken up the empty space.

            and Shades mate!! Flock of Seagulls!! are you really that old? lol but when I was painting the hair thats exactly what I was thinking!! when I was taking the photos I was humming " If I had a photograph of you" lol

            cheers for all the advice guys! this will carry over to next bust I do!


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              Im not sure how soon you end the voting but I would be more than happy to end on a draw. It would set us up nicely for a future rematch after I have beaten Marko at his own game when we do a dio' challenge some time in 2014 :)

              Thanks everyone for voting, as Normski pointed out, all the comments were really constructive and well worth carrying over into future projects.

              For the record I think the shirt being a dodgy colour is spot on and I think in terms of planning I was lazy about this part of the miniature (lesson there) and I can see also that it completely overpowers the OSL.

              The sign I am actually proud of and although Mark makes a very good point about balancing/centering. it was a huge step up from my original base which was an absolute techno vomit!

              This has whet my appetite for future challenges because it really does push you a little further when trying to improve. I would recommend to anyone to give it a go.

              So as a final word, thanks to my esteemed opponent Normski. In recognition of facing me in my first ever paint battle! Heres another picture of my dwarf especially for you....

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                Thats your Dwarf? I thought it was you?

                well if thats where ya wanna leave it Phatty then we need to close the vote now and give the results to the Mods to update the Ladder scores!!

                so thats 32 points each, with just 4 votes each its a Draw!!!

                thanks for the contest it was an experience for sure!! next time im picking a funky bust coz mine was a beast to paint lol
                thanks again!!

                Oh and when ya take Marko on watch out for the non finishing if anyone was that late in a race they would be cleaning up the stadium coz the cleaners will have gone home :funny:


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                  Phatkid: 8
                  Great job. I really like the skin and beard. I almost wish the gem and the shirt color was switched so the gem would be brighter.

                  I'm not a fan of this bust but I'll try not to hold that against you fella. I like the latexey look tot he shirt except I don't care for the color. The makeup is well done, but that large patch of bare head leaves a bit to be desired. I wish there was a sweet tattoo or punk shaved head stuble up there. Maybe a cool cyborg conversion or something? that large area of skin is sorta tough because it really looks like one flat coat of paint that doesn't have much shading or depth to it. Not bad overall, i think the strong point of this one is the eyes and the make up.

                  Now I get to read what others have said!


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                    I'm not sure I have too much to add, but here goes:

                    Phatty - I really love the way your skin tones turned out as well as the wrinkles and the gem. The color of his shirt throws off the model for me, especially with the plinth being green as well. I would have liked to see some variation in color of the baubles in his beard rather than being close in color to his beard hair.

                    Normski - Unlike others, I actually kinda like the bust, but I would have liked to see some other fun details like a barcode on the head or something to make the model more interesting. I love the way your colors turned out on her shirt. i think the change in wires on her back makes her a bit more interesting than the original.

                    (edited for gathering of balls) Voting is hard for me as I like them both for different reasons:
                    Phatty - 8.0
                    Normski - 8.25

                    Sorry guys, I nothing on either model makes me take one over the other.
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                      Ok here we go... (and I purposely did not read prior posts... so as not to influence me)


                      Wonderful beard. Great little highlights of grey and different colors mixed in to give it a very lifelike look. I'm really impressed. Nice veins and age lines give this old guy a few years - looking about middle aged. I like the marbly base. The color of the shirt doesn't do it for me but that's a personal preference. Man, this guy needs a serious manicure. Which I think fits the occupation of said middle aged large nosed fella. Speaking of the nose - nice color on there.


                      Kiros looked so ummm... sorry... "dull" as a model from the front that I had to google her and found the exo-spine - so clicked on the smack talk thread to see more - which means I need to revisit Phatkid again as well... So... here are... Lovingly looking at Kiros and her well formed breasts and nice bit of fabric between. Wow her bones are ... boney. But ... ok that's the model. Painting... She looks future sci fi scary enough to be afraid of dark alleys. Nice work on the spine... I love the color coded wires out the top so newbies can connect to her easily. Love the leads coming around to the front to monitor whether she's hungry or not. Some nice bits on the hair in the back showing some definition of the white. That couldn't have been easy to do. The shading around her boney bones is nicely done. Her eye makeup is darn creepy looking - which is cool... Jean Luc Picard as a boney female in blade runner... She's almost screaming for a tat or something up on that chrome dome.


                      Ok back to the gemmy gem smith... Ok the new angles really make this guy pop. He's got that back hairline like a drummer I used to play with 20+ years ago - who just couldn't let go of the hair... (it's time to cut it man - cut it!). The fact our gem master is wearing a hoodie makes me happy for some reason.

                      The Verdict!

                      I liked Phatkid's model better.
                      I liked both paint jobs - there's skill and grace in both.

                      Therefore I will wimp out and declare it a truce.. I mean a draw... 8.0 to both of you.

                      *** UPDATE ***

                      Since NeatPete told me to grow a pair and I ALWAYS listen to him...

                      Phatkid 8.25
                      Normski 8.00
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                        All you "tie" voters need to grow a pair. :P


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                          alright... with all respect to normski who I think is a lovely fellow... I liked phatty's better. :-)
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                            Originally posted by NeatPete View Post
                            All you "tie" voters need to grow a pair. :P
                            I found them! :D I've changed mine a bit to reflect that.
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                              Ok so as it stands the scores are 55 Normski and 56.25 Phatkid!

                              If Phatty agrees we can leave voting open till midnight tonight then thats it over? Any scores after that will not count?

                              NeatPete! Well done for shaking it up!!

                              So Phatty is on the home stretch! Lets see what happen ?